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Well, not really.

Here’s his write up about the Occupy Lexington protest in the Herald Leader.

Good excerpts:

When you find the organizers of the movement, they will tell you that their enemy is capitalism. They hate it. They seem to think that a government command-and-control economy will work better. Little do they know what they are asking for.

As I tried explaining to some of the protesters here in Lexington, capitalism was never supposed to be in partnership with government — that’s how it got screwed up. The problem isn’t capitalism; it’s government meddling. Their eyes glazed over, and one of them called me a “typical Republican.They seemed blissfully unaware of the fact that GE, whose CEO Jeffrey Immelt, sits on President Barack Obama’s jobs advisory board, made $14 billion in profits last year and paid nearly zero taxes while shipping jobs to China.

To be fair, Republicans do deserve a great deal of the blame. In some ways, they paved the road that Obama is driving on. I’ll never forget the chill that went up my spine when President George W. Bush stood before the cameras after the TARP bailouts and said, “I’ve given up on my free-market principles to save the free market.

Capitalism isn’t greed. It’s not an emotion. It is the economic system that has improved more lives around the world than any other in history.

Whether the protesters realize it or not, capitalism has significantly enhanced their lives. It relies solely on initiative, ingenuity and individuals. Only when government — led by Republicans or Democrats — tries to control it, to adapt it or re-engineer it, does it get messed up.

Capitalism, on the other hand, believes in them and their individual potential. It knows what they could achieve if they put their minds to it. And it’s waiting for them and for all of us, to bring us wealth and prosperity again — if we let it.