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In under and hour the federal government will be conducting a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for about 30 seconds today. Is this a big deal? On the surface probably not and most will see nothing wrong with it, in fact some may view it as the government being prepared to keep us safe. However, this has never been attempted on such a large scale and never directed by the President. What this does is illustrates the federal governments ability to control anything, it is a demonstration just as much as it is a simple test. The local stations have no control in this matter the federal government will be overriding their supposed autonomy. But that is okay you see because the media really does not care they have acquiesced to the federal government a long time ago like many other aspects of our lives have been. So while this may be a simple test today, one can’t help but wonder what future propaganda might come of this system God forbid someone more indifferent to liberty than Barack Obama gets put in charge. Can anyone say Martial Law.

I’ll leave you with some wise words from a wise man. What may save you today, may enslave you tomorrow.

“Those willing to give up essential liberty for temporary security will get neither.”
– Benjamin Franklin

UPDATE: LOL The test did not even work right as there have been reports that there were some audio and visual problems. Yes this is certainly a demonstration still of how the government can or is attempting to control everything; however, it is also demonstrating how inept they are at doing it….and these are the people that want to be put in charge of healthcare. So it was also 30 seconds of idiocy.