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Passing a long a couple of alerts you need to know about from my friends at Farm Food Freedom Ky.

Alert 1: The KY DOT to make all farm vehicle’s commercial.…meaning a CDL would be required…which would mean more restrictions and more cost on farmers to do business. Is it not odd that an agency in government that has nothing to do with farming is regulating farmers?! There will be a meeting this Wednesday Nov 30th in Richmond to discuss the details, go to the alert for more specific info.

Alert 2: Lexington working to ban farm animals…wasn’t Jamie Comer just campaigning on an urban farming initiative in the last election and won overwhelmingly for Ag. Commissioner?! Now Lexington’s government wants to get out in front and stop it before he can even get in office to create and environment that would foster urban farming. This will happen Next Tuesday so please check this alert out and act.