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Just thought I would let everyone know about this great new site I found that will help give a voice to the Food Freedom Movement in Kentucky (small local farms, co-ops, organic farming, raw/real milk)

Here is a link to their webpage below is what the main page has to say about why this movement started and why it is so important.

Farm Food Freedom KY is a coalition of Kentucky farmers and friends uniting as a common voice in Frankfort. Our mission is to get legislation passed or repealed that will benefit Kentuckians. We are grass-roots, and we’re joining together because:

  • KY has lost 80% of its farms over the last two decades. There is no food crisis: there is a farm crisis.
  • The rash of armed federal agents storming private property because farmers and consumers are working together via private contract — as is our constitutional right — gives us pause. It does not give them pause and we aim to change that.
  • Legislators and regulators have forgotten that what is not illegal is legal. As Americans, we do not necessitate laws that give us permission to do what our ancestors before us have always done. Our right to access safe, local foods from neighboring farms is guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights thanks to the foresight of our agrarian-minded forefathers.
  • Over time heavy-handed (as in armed and restrictive) legislation and unconstitutional regulations have effectively closed the pathways between local farmers and local dinner tables. aims to re-open those pathways in KY.
  • We are born with natural rights — many of us call them God-given rights — including ownership of our bodies and the right to decide what we grow, purchase, eat, and drink. We also have a constitutional right to privately contract with whomever we please. aims to remind our “representatives” that they are not our mommy. Under the guise of protection and food-safety, the legislation and burdensome regulations that have snowballed over the years have resulted in limiting the rights of small farmers and their local consumers, while laying out the red carpet for mega-corporations and industrialized food and farms.

Laws are designed to limit freedoms. We understand the need for laws, but federal agencies like the FDA and USDA have been working outside of our established system of checks and balances to our farmers’ detriment, sometimes using violence and force, “for our own good” or “protection”. The heavy-handedness of these agencies has influenced our KY State legislation for the worse. Pre-crime laws, pre-harm laws, and laws that restrict activities that were once recognized as rightfully inherent — are not OK with us.

Not only will no more be tolerated, we will work to undo the chains that already weigh heavy on us. George Washington said “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force”; this rings true to those across our nation that have experienced this force first hand. Food, farm and processing equipment, healthy animals, and personal items have been seized in the past few years as an effort to stop the ever-growing, local food movement across our country. The Farm Food Freedom KY Coalition wants to prevent this from happening in our beloved Commonwealth. By working to educate our fellow citizens and legislators, we believe we can work to protect our small farms.

Please look through the site. Feel free to contact Christy or Sally at admin [@] If you have Skype and would like to chat that way, send us your Skype name via email and we will be in touch.

Please join us for a return to the freedom to grow and eat the foods we believe will nourish us. As history has proven time and again, we can do together what we cannot do alone.