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The good news is that, according to this letter — letter from feds no dot changes to farm vehicles — DOT decided not to reclassify farm vehicles as “commercial” as of August 2011. Excellent news, of course, and my apologies for jumping the gun on this one. That they made this decision due to the volume of response they got from farmers somewhat restores my faith in the legislative process!

I’m still a little confused, though, about the meeting in Richmond tonight (Wednesday night). According to the Richmond Register article: “Topics will range from safety regulations and licensing requirements to driver qualifications.”*

Why would the KSP need to meet with farmers to talk about licensing requirements and driver qualifications if nothing is changing? Curious, that’s all.

*That is what made me relate tonight’s meeting with the DOT proposed rule change. I had not yet seen the letter (H/T to Tim from the CFA — thank you!)