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This is what KY’s new Ag Commish, Jamie Comer, is going to be up against. He’s a farmer. He supports food freedom, he supports farm freedom. He thinks it’s ridiculous we aren’t allowed to openly buy and consume raw milk. He said so during the campaign and I believe him!

Now that he’s in office, the real struggle begins. He is going to come up against the FDA and the USDA front and center when it comes to shutting down our right to access foods we want. The FDA believes we do not have the right to eat and drink what we wish, that only they and the USDA can dictate our food choices.

Will Jamie stand up to it? I believe he will. More importantly, will we? This is not on Jamie’s shoulders alone. If we don’t back him up, we all lose.

Farmer Heather speaks eloquently about what it’s going to take to regain our farm food freedoms and to self govern. I am definitely up for this. Btw, this is their Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance.


Please share this with your family and friends and encourage them to pass it along. This battle will surely land on our Kentucky doorsteps — if you talk to your farmers, you know it has already begun. The only thing that counts is numbers: number of views, number of likes, number of subscribers. These demonstrate the number of voters who are paying attention. And local politicians pay attention to local voters!