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Last night during the CNN National Security Debate Speaker Newt Gingrich advocated for strengthening the so called “PATRIOT Act” while Rep. Ron Paul offered the repeal of the PATRIOT Act not strengthening it.

Basically Newt Gingrich said that we need to strengthen the PATRIOT Act to protect American Citizens from Terrorism and that every tool and every bit of intelligence that can be used ought to be used. Paul countered that we cannot give up our liberty for security or we will have neither. Paul highlighted that Timothy McVeigh caused terror with the Oklahoma City Bombing he was a US Citizen and we were able to handle that case via our Constiution. Which Newt stupidly walked into that trap by saying that Timothy McVeigh succeeded, to which the audience gave him unwittingly applause, (Paul of course got applause for his comments about not violating the Bill of Rights and our Civil Liberties) To which Paul points out his folly that with a mentality like that we should have policemen and cameras in every house in the US to prevent a crime…which would be a violation of the Bill of Rights…remember McVeigh was a US Citizen. While Paul and lot of people opposed to the PATRIOT Act and the liberty infringements it contains we recognize that you cannot not stop every crime and every act of evil every time that is the risk you take living in a free society…or you can be safe a live as a virtual slave.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those willing to sacrifice essential liberty for temporary security will get neither” Those words essential and temporary are not qualifiers they are characteristics. Liberty is always essential and security will always be temporary.

Below is a video of the entire exchange.

HOWEVER, Newt has flip-flopped on this issue. Ironically posted on AEI on of the sponsors of last nights debate is an article he penned in the San Francisco Chronicle calling for the PATRIOT Act to be reined in. Seems like Newt the “smart” politician that he is new just the right moment of when to change his stripes. Thank God for the internet as it is a tool for the Citizen to expose politicians for what they really are….you can fill in the blank.

Here is a link to the article.

Below are a few key quotes from his article

While I applaud the great successes of the Patriot Act in aiding law enforcement and intelligence agencies, agencies that have successfully disrupted terrorist plots and cells within the United States, I strongly believe the Patriot Act was not created to be used in crimes unrelated to terrorism.

We must demonstrate to the world that America is the best example of what a solid Constitution with properly enforced laws can bring to those who desire freedom and safety. If we become hypocrites about our own legal system, how can we sell it abroad or question legal systems different than our own?

I strongly believe Congress must act now to rein in the Patriot Act, limit its use to national security concerns and prevent it from developing “mission creep” into areas outside of national security.

Would the real Newt Gingrich please stand up?!?!

Oh and for those wanting to know what is more likely to kill you than a terrorist check the chart out below.