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Even though yesterdays election results did not go as we in the TEA Party would had hoped we are still proud of the effort our candidates put forth, they along with the grassroots gave it their best. Even though we lost I still think we made inroads and educated the voter base along the way. I am sure there are lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda and we don’t need to rehash them all,except maybe one. The next time a real Liberty Republican is presented like Phil Moffett for the top ticket, hopefully the Republican Party will remember this lesson learned in 2011. I firmly believe Phil would of been a Teflon Man that would have spread down through the ticket.

I don’t know what the plans are of all those who ran, but I am sure they will stay passionately engaged in this effort and stand as leaders in this movement. For now they deserve their rest, as liberty candidates they had to travel a whole lot more and spend a whole lot more money and time percent wise than their opponents.

However, despite yesterday I think we can still find the positive. For one a great candidate in Jamie Comer won Agricultural Commissioner, that’s a start. He gained more votes than even Beshear. Second I don’t think this mess is over and essentially the mentality that caused this mess got re-elected. So I won’t be surprised if their house of cards fall on them. Hopefully it won’t be so bad that we can’t come along and pick up the pieces illustrating the difference between our limited government maximized liberty philosophy vs. their big government nanny statism.

Get some rest everyone, the Presidential and Congressional seats will be up for grabs again, not to mention our the next state legislative session, and then the races in the state legislature again.