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Seriously Newt! Regardless of your opinions on illegal immigration Gingrich would be willing to give Illegal Immigrants a Jury Trial (or some sort of neighborhood board review) to determine if they should stay or not. Compare that with his stance on US CITIZENS suspected/accused of Terrorism, forget the 5th & 6th Amendments and Article 3 of the US Constitution. All this on the heels of S.1867 vote where the Senate said indefinite detention of US CITIZENS without due process is ok.

Newt voiced his opinion on this matter during the recent Fox News Huckabee Forum and on his website he outlines this as point 6 under his solutions page for immigration. How on Earth does he propose we set up these boards in local communities, how much time, money, effort, resources will this cost? What are the variables or variance that will be involved in this process?What are the unintended or dare I say intended consequences of this endevour?

Like I said regardless of your view on immigration, regardless of your view as to how far the US Constitution extends to all people one thing is clear, Newt does not seem to take the Constitutional protections for those that are US CITIZENS too seriously…..wonder if that is apart of his Third Wave…hint hint.

For full analysis of this issue check out this article at The New American.

Yes I am making a point of highlighting US CITIZENS cause apparently Newt the presumed front runner does not.

Serious Newt. vs. Mitt is what the GOP Race has come too, I mean can’t we at least pick someone with a normal name ohh say like Ron Paul.….yes shameless plug. Guess what he’s polling second in Iowa and third in New Hampshire