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Last chance for us to get this passed! Please call 800-372-7181 and request that your State Senator: “Please support Senate Bill 47!”

Why all the fuss over SB 47? Because it means Freedom for Kentucky’s Farmers & Consumers!

SB47 (read it here:

  • Guarantees your right to access meat, fresh milk and other products through shared ownership agreements with farmers for farm livestock;
  • Removes the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the heads of many Kentucky farmers engaged in such arrangements;
  • Provides another opportunity for young and beginning farmers across the Commonwealth to make a living from a small livestock operation;
  • Makes healthy, locally produced food more accessible in rural food deserts.

As a fellow Kentucky farmer put it yesterday:

“In Romans, the Bible clearly gives 2 roles for government to play– encourager of good, and terror to evil. Tomorrow, the KY state Senate will have the opportunity to fulfill the former role. Senate Bill 47 will allow consumers the ability to make their own free choice of food to feed their families. We strongly encourage our patrons to call 1-800- 372- 7181 to voice support for this bill in its current state.

There is strong opposition from major corporations who do not believe we should be given the freedom to make our own choices, for fear of public safety. The only reason our founding fathers did not guarantee us this freedom is because they could not imagine a day when we would be denied the ability to eat real food. Senate Bill 47 will protect you, your family, and the community by encouraging the goodness of knowing where your food comes from and its superiority to its industrial counterparts.

Thank you and do not delay!”

To get this passed, call 800-372-7181 and request that your State Senator: “Please support Senate Bill 47!”

Who is your Kentucky State Senator?

Find your State Senator here:

Thank you!

Next week: we work on the House! If you know a State Representative who will co-sponsor this bill in the House, please let us know asap!