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No vote on SB 47 today. This is a good thing, actually. Since being introduced 1/3/12, SB47 has moved faster than anyone expected. We need a breather to mobilize and prioritize our efforts.

Our #1 priority is to continue to educate our representatives. I’ll be going to Frankfort next week to talk to my Senator. If you’d like to go, please let me know. My phone number and mailing address are there as well.

There might be a more organized visit with several of us going to Frankfort. If so, I will let you know and we can coordinate.

Why No Vote on SB47 Today?

Tom Fitzgerald of the KRC (Kentucky Resources Council) caught a loophole that might have allowed CAFOs to skirt laws designed to minimize the damage they do to animal welfare, food quality, and the environment. Nobody wants that to happen!

Not only that, the presence of any loophole could be used by opposing forces to derail SB47 before passage.

So: the bill will go back to committee, the offending loophole repaired, then it will be brought back out for a vote.

The speed with which our bill gained traction and support — not to mention opposition — has been historic.  This is a testimony to the grassroots support and desire we Kentuckians have for real food and real farmers! Our representatives definitely heard us!!!

What To Do re. Kentucky’s SB 47 Now?

We sure can’t sit back and wait! There are things we can do now we did not have time to do before:

  • Continue to talk to your representatives about food freedom; the right of individuals to grow and consume foods of our choosing; what farm food freedom means to you and your family personally.
  • Send letters to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Call in to radio shows or ask to be a guest.
  • Talk to your friends, your farmers, anyone who will listen.
  • If you are on Facebook, spread the word, gather support.
  • Ask your friends and their families to call their representatives.

Please continue to let your farmer friends know about Forward this to them and ask them to sign up for the email alerts. If they are not online, we can stamp an envelope and mail alerts to them.

You can also print out an flyer and put it up at markets, stores, feed stores, any other place you think farmers and food freedom advocates will see them.

This Bill is Not Just About Farm Food Freedom.

It’s really not even about raw milk — raw milk just happens to be the “hot button” item of the day. SB47 is a giant first step towards taking back ALL the freedoms we’ve let slip away.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I know our friends who worked with Senator Schickel in writing the bill appreciate every minute.

All farm food freedom eyes in the nation are on us. One state is going to put farm food freedom back on the U.S. map and I fervently hope it is Kentucky!

As always, let us know your news and interests. Have a great weekend!