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Have you been following the flap over the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act?  Basically, sections 1021 and 1022 authorized the executive branch of the federal government to use US armed forces to capture and detain US citizens on US soil, without any due process at all.  All that would be needed would be for president Obama or his henchmen to put you on a list, and you get a black bag over your head and you disappear.

I know.  You’re thinking that can’t be right.  Not in America.  Heck, they don’t even do that in many brutal dictatorships.  Well, think again.  Search for 2012 NDAA and read the law for yourself.

As part of the 2013 NDAA, Congress had the chance to right their previous wrong.  Many of them had claimed that the legalese was buried and the 2012 NDAA bill summary said nothing about a US presidential tyrant nabbing US citizens off the street and throwing them into a cell to rot… as if not reading the bill before voting to make it a law is an acceptable excuse.

Only one Kentucky congressman, John Yarmuth, voted for the Smith-Amash amendment that would have reversed the unconstitutional indefinite detention clauses in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.  The other five – Chandler, Rogers, Davis, Whitfield, and Guthrie – all voted against restoring our right to habeus corpus when they voted against Roll Call 270.

There was a fake repeal amendment of the unconstitutional parts of the 2012 NDAA, and Kentucky’s congresscritters switched sides, with Yarmuth voting against Roll Call 291 and the other five voting for it.  The fix was in.  The fake amendment actually makes the unconstitutional provisions more confusing (more open to government interpretation) and adds further constitutional insults to the previous injuries.  As usual, this is a dodge they use to vote for a more oppressive federal government and then be able to bluff their way through a question from an irate constituent when they return home, by telling the assembled crowd, “I voted for the other amendment that fixes the unfortunate wording and protects America from the dirty terrorists next question please.”

I can only conclude that these five congressmen intend for the federal government to exercise the power to arrest and indefinitely detain US citizens on US soil anytime they like, without due process, and entirely in violation of our Bill of Rights.  That’s treason.

I heard Brett Guthrie on Leland Conway’s radio show soon after the 2012 NDAA was passed, and he tried to say that the two offensive clauses don’t mean what they clearly do mean.  Leland read the clauses and ‘splained it to him.  Then Guthrie tried to sell the audience on the belief that, even if it might be interpreted that way, no agents of the federal government would ever actually do something like that.  It sounded a lot like the old adage that only the small lies need to be kept, because the big lies are too unbelievable, so few people will believe them.  Nobody wants to think their government is going to put a black bag over their head and make them disappear.

Well, Brett Guthrie had months to study the 2012 NDAA provisions related to the indefinite detention of US citizens without due process, and have his staffers explain it to him in itty bitty words so he could understand it.  He had the chance today to fix his earlier mistake, if that’s what it was.  Clearly, it wasn’t anything close to an honest mistake.  His big government handlers told him how to vote, and that’s how he voted… for big government and against the people who voted for him.  Hopefully the voters in Kentucky’s 2nd congressional district will correct their mistake at the earliest electoral opportunity.

Chandler, Rogers, Whitfield, and Davis are just as guilty.  If you’d like to tell the person who works for you as your representative that you like habeus corpus and you don’t like them voting to allow Eric Holder to put your name on an Enemies Of Obama list and snatch you in the middle of the night….

Brett Guthrie

Ben Chandler

Hal Rogers

Ed Whitfield

Geoff Davis

I don’t often have a good reason to thank John Yarmuth, but I think I’ll call and thank him for his vote on Roll Call 270 in support of the Smith-Amash amendment.

John Yarmuth

I try to look for a bright spot, but it’s almost never found within the dark halls of Congress.  It’s rarely found in the federal judicial system either, but this is one of those rare moments.  Katherine Forrest is a US District Court judge in Manhattan.  She was appointed by president Obama, and she issued an injunction this week preventing any US citizen from being unconstitutionally arrested or detained under the provisions of the 2012 NDAA.  That took some guts, because Obama signed the 2012 NDAA and in a signing statement he claimed that HIS administration would never use that executive privilege, but his administration has consistently supported the unconstitutional provisions of the 2012 NDAA.   I wonder if Hallmark makes a Thank You card for protecting our rights?  Judge Forrest should get a nice fruit basket or something.

It’s critically important that we elect people to represent us in Congress who understand and obey their oath to protect and defend our Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  We have a good chance to do that in our 4th congressional district next Tuesday.  If you live in the 4th district, please vote for Thomas Massie like your life and your liberty depend on it… because they probably do.  Mine too.