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Rand Paul has been accused by some in the Liberty Movement as somehow betraying not only the Tea Party and the Liberty Movement, but also, his father through his endorsement of Mitt Romney. I struggled with this as well when I first heard about the endorsement. Not that he had abandoned us but it did make me scratch my head and silently think, “What the heck is he doing?!?”

Once I got over that initial feeling, I started to ask myself some questions while stepping back and looking at the big picture. I challenge you to ask yourself these same questions. Is this the same Rand Paul we worked so hard for and sent to Washington? Has he ever done anything other then what he promised to do for years on the campaign trail? Any Rand supporter knows the answers to those question, just like I did myself.

Along with his dad, Ron Paul, Rand has been an ever present voice in Washington for our movement. He’s fought for fiscal integrity, personal liberty and limited government. He’s stood against the Defense Authorization Act, the TSA, the EPA, and the Patriot Act. He has stood in the Senate, sometimes alone, fighting for our liberty and freedom while often going against the majority of the Republican Party. Like just this week, Rand introduced legislation to stop drones spying on our citizens.

Beyond fighting for these things on the national level, Rand strongly supported Thomas Massie right here in Kentucky. Along with Rand’s help, Thomas secured a massive win in the 4th district. Massie received more votes than his two top establishment challengers combined. Thomas took on the establishment candidates and won a [massieve] victory.

Does this sound like someone who has abandoned us or betrayed our cause or the liberty movement? Do you for one second think Rand would have made the endorsement without Ron’s approval? Do you think for one second that Rand would ever betray his father? If you are uncertain about those last 2 questions, then I would certainly question your support and knowledge of the Paul family.

Ron and Rand have shifted the course of this country. Rand has earned my trust. I know him well enough that I do not think this endorsement of Romney is just some go along-get along deal where Rand compromised his principles.

The fact remains that Ron Paul does not have the delegates to secure the nomination and has stopped campaigning. For example, instead of campaigning in Kentucky, he lent his staff and support to help Massie. So like it or not, Romney will be the nominee.

Why endorse Romney now? Why not wait until after the convention? I love Ron Paul as much as anyone. I would have loved to see Ron win the nomination and be elected President. But let’s have a reality check. That is not going to happen. Mitt Romney will be the nominee of the Republican Party.

There were reports this past week that Romney had interviewed Rand for a V-P slot. I believe those reports are wrong. Instead, I believe Rand interviewed Romney to determine if Romney was worthy of his endorsement. Rand, as he said in his announcement, found common ground with Romney on many of Rand’s principles. Romney is not in any way a perfect candidate but Rand will now have Romney’s ear and will hopefully be able to influence his course of action.

Also think of this… The Romney folks are organizing the national convention. They make the decisions. They decide who speaks and when. By endorsing Romney now, Rand may well have secured a prime speaking slot for Ron as well as himself. Remember what those slots meant to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama?

In the end, we must ask ourselves: where do we want the Liberty Movement to go? Do you really believe the Pauls can continue to change the course of this country? Do you want the Liberty Movement to be the leader in that change? How about this one: do you want to see a President Paul one day?

A new and larger campaign has begun but it will not be won overnight.  It may take four years or eight years or longer. But the conclusion of that campaign, if successful, will see a President Rand Paul. That could never happen if Rand stayed on the outside doing nothing more than throwing stones. Instead, he must go through the Republican Party and win by their rules. In using his position and influence, Rand is giving the Liberty Movement a seat at the table.

Much like Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan before him, Rand is continuing to transform the Republican party. Rand’s endorsement of Romney is not a betrayal. It is one more step in the larger campaign. And when the day comes that President Rand Paul is sworn in, the happiest and most proud person in the country (other than Carol Paul) will be Ron. On that day we will all know the the the Legacy of Ron Paul has been fulfilled.

I trust Rand and I hope you will join me in this. I think he knows what he is doing and I don’t ever see him abandoning us. We must not abandon him.