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Guest post by David Adams. Letters to the Editor are reprinted in full and may or may not reflect opinions of the Editor.

When Roman soldiers fed Christians to lions, no one had to be told he or she could be next. That level of awareness is not so common today.

That is why we keep telling people about the Kentucky state government’s arbitrary crackdown on (some) Christians seeking healthcare freedom. The Christian Care Medi-Share case will be back in the news any day now, with a new judge’s ruling. That case came about because a few Christians wanted to avoid government-regulated health insurance, which flexibility is currently protected by federal law, not to mention the Kentucky and United States Constitutions.

Kentucky, of course, has a different view of the law and the Constitution. Fixing state law could eliminate this problem easily.

Before we can accomplish that, though, we need to remind our fellow Kentuckians that if one of us is being singled out to be “fed to the lions” then all of us could be. That’s why I filed complaints with the Kentucky Department of Insurance against two other Christian groups, who seem not to care who the lions are eating as long as it is “someone else.”