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Guest post by Elijah Starkey. Letters to the Editor are reprinted in full and may or may not reflect opinions of the Editor. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

I fear I am part of an ever shrinking minority. I fear that the number of people who know history has been significantly diminished by the “age of information.” I believe that the number of people that know their rights and are willing to defend them is also trending down.  I am hard pressed to find good news in the paper or through the internet, but if you get your news from the television things would seem fairly good now compared to how I see them.

Every day all I hear about are new laws and new conflicts, new expansions of government and new regulations. Rarely I will see a glimmer of hope, an act repealed, an audit to the Fed, or a war ended. Overall though I see dark times ahead. There simply aren’t enough concerned people in this country to turn us around. We cannot set right this ship for all the people trying to resist change.

For them change is a new, hostile, and very much unwanted thing. For them things seem stable and sustainable in our current system. I see a system balanced precariously on the edge waiting for a spark to set it ablaze and knock it off the cliff. I see a nation living past it’s means high on cheap credit and on top of the world speeding toward a brick wall faster every day.

Yet few in our nation see the same picture. They only see a small portion of it distorted and contorted by false information and distractions. They have been mislead into believing that what goes on in government and in politics has no bearing on their real life. They have the false belief that we are on the track to recovery when in reality all we are doing is throwing new debt onto the problem and pushing ourselves further into oblivion.

If you take a step back and really look at what is going on it seems almost surreal. It seems like the prologue to a science fiction film. Drones in the sky, government thugs monitoring your Facebook and an Empire spreading its influence across the globe far past its abilities.

Then we have the citizen zombies. People who are far too concerned with things such as TV and sports to care about current events. Instead of worrying about their own self preservation they concentrate on things that have absolutely no bearing on their life. Energy is wasted on nonsense as the nation they live in burns to the ground.

As I said it sounds like a science fiction film but sadly this is reality and we cannot hide from it any longer. We have to figure out if we will continue to sit idly by and ignore it or take the road less traveled and reverse the expansions of tyranny. We must decide if we will be the ones who, by our inaction, enable the bombing and killing of millions of men, women, and children overseas or if we will stand up and speak out. We must seek to inform all of those who do not know the danger our nation faces.

Will we watch as we are stripped of our liberties or resist? Will we watch as future generations are saddled with the debt we funded our unsustainable expansion with or will we stop this and eliminate the root causes of the problem the Federal Reserve and our spending binge. After all is said and done will we be able to say that we did not sit by and watch as the Republic died?