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Google Becomes the Nanny-State BrowserWhy would we call Google the nanny-state browser? Why is the cute G+ missing on the share/like bar? Are we — gasp! — boycotting Google???

Yeah. Oh yeah. Because, as of today, its shopping site is censoring all gun, ammo and accessories results. That is like SO anti-liberty. Anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights. Read the details here:

Google Becomes the Nanny-State Browser

Let’s see if we can live without those guys, shall we? Here’s the checklist (I’m doing all this now):

1. Close all Google email accounts

2. Stop using analytics, adwords, all that back-end stuff

3. No more G+. That’s easy — nobody goes there anyway.

4. No more liking/commenting on Youtube. Yeah, that’s a drag, but if this were easy, it wouldn’t have an impact would it? In fact, loss of participation on Youtube might be the straw that breaks the advertising-camel’s back. One can dream.

Hmmm. Is that it? Seems like a short list… let me know what I left out.

Heheheh. Ok. Now I’m thinking Google bomb. Copy and paste this everywhere in all your posts: Google Becomes the Nanny-State Browser. I mean, it’s true, right?

Bye bye, G+. You get a G- from me.