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From an article on today written by Butler Shaffer:

Where do we go from here by Butler Shaffer on LewRockwell.comI am convinced that any emerging life-sustaining renaissance will have its primary focus on the liberation of the human spirit. It is the confrontation between individualism and collectivism that will be the focal point in efforts to civilize and humanize an uncivilized and dehumanized world. As such, extend your inquiries into areas with which many libertarians are unfamiliar or uncomfortable: poetry, art, music, dance, depth psychology, and other spiritual dimensions of what it means to be human. I suspect that what most attracted readers to Ayn Rand’s novels was not her logical reasoning, but her passion. Rediscover the liberating works of Shelley, Whitman, Goethe, cummings, among earlier poets, as well as the more recent poetry of Seamus Heaney and Lilija Valis. For spiritual accompaniment on your journey, I offer “The Seedkeepers,” written by an unknown Palestinian:

“Burn our Land.
Burn our dreams.
Pour acid on our songs.
Cover with sawdust the blood of our massacred people.
Muffle with your technology the screams of all that is
free, wild and indigenous.
Destroy our grass and soil.
Raze to the ground every farm and every village our
ancestors had built.
Every tree, every home, every book, every law and all
equity and harmony.
Flatten with your bombs every valley.
Erase with your edits our past, our literature, our
Denude the forest and the earth till no insect no bird
no word can find a place to hide.
Do that and more.
I do not fear your tyranny.
I do not despair ever.
For I guard a seed, a little live seed, that I shall
safeguard and plant again.”