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Yesterday, 9/19/12, Ginny Saville and her employees went to a pre-trial hearing. They pleaded not guilty… although no one knows to WHAT exactly. The cops have failed to produce either the search warrant or the affidavit (you know, the “first-hand knowledge of a crime” that triggers getting a search warrant?) for Tucker Richardson, the defense attorney. Here’s the story published in today’s Herald Leader:

September 20, 2012

By Josh Kegley —

One month after narcotics officers raided The Botany Bay, a smoke shop on Winchester Road, police have not filed the search warrant that led them to issue criminal charges and seize thousands of dollars worth of items.

The absence of the warrant, which typically become public record when criminal charges are filed, has fueled statements from friends and colleagues of store owner Ginny Saville that the Aug. 20 search and seizure was unjustified.

“We are concerned because we do not know on what grounds the police were there,” said Kathy Gornik, a friend of Saville.

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