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Today: Tell "Kentucky ObamaCare Exchange Advisory Board" NO!David Adams, Kentucky’s relentless warrior against Kentucky Obamacare and its devastating unintended consequences, tells us that Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate will rule on revoking the state business license of Christian Care Medi-Share on or before Wednesday October 31, 2012.

Kentucky’s Open Hostility toward Healthcare Consumers in Action

Christian “health sharing” is not banned under ObamaCare. The state aims to revoke a license for a business that has only helped, never harmed, hundreds of Kentucky Christians FOR DECADES. These law-abiding Kentuckians, who are dependent on their health sharing group for medical coverage, represent just the tip of the iceberg in this ongoing battle.

Is this just about Christians? NO! If the state can simply remove their legal constitutional right to contract, WHAT CAN IT DO TO NON-CHRISTIANS??? By this action, the state is ravaging the rights of millions of consumers not yet aware of the offense.

If the state can revoke your right to privately contract for your healthcare, where else can it intervene in your private contracts? Where does it end?

Today is the Day: If you care about freedom in your lifetime, get to Frankfort today at 1:30pm!

Internal Beshear Administration squabbling about the details of the “Affordable Care Act” implementation and its excessive costs for Kentuckians has Frankfort Democrats desperate to get through the November elections without anyone asking questions about what they are desperate to do to us.

Every Kentuckian with questions about ObamaCare are urged to attend today’s “Advisory Board” meeting and make your voice heard. If we don’t force the current Administration to admit that ObamaCare makes no sense for Kentucky, it will be rammed down our throats, relieving us of our health care freedoms for good.

Put the Brakes on Kentucky Obamacare Today: 12 Mill Creek Park, Frankfort, 1:30-3pm

Pushing this issue has to be Job One for Kentuckians who want to see health freedom in our lifetimes. A very strong showing today is key to moving Kentucky toward freedom and common sense in health care.

See you in Frankfort!

Questions? Call David Adams at 859 — five three seven — fifty three seventy-two.

P.S. Thank you to those who have helped with the push back.  If you would like to help support this effort with a financial donation, please click here and give what you can. Thanks for all you are doing.