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Agenda 21 Basics is an introduction to the U.N. program that is undermining property rights and basic freedoms in America, starting in YOUR hometown. It is being implemented without representation, without legislation, without any oversight at all, save that of your local Planning and Zoning Czar.

In a nutshell: Agenda 21 is about controlling the people from a global central authority. It is implemented via zoning ordinance, followed by legislation, for the common good.

The goal is the end of private property rights.

The justification is climate change.

Crazy, right? I thought so. At first. The whole thing sounds so outlandish, so improbable, so… evil. Could this happen? Several states know it is: anti-Agenda 21 bills are being introduced and passed in many state legislatures, including Kentucky‘s.

Agenda 21 is a real and imminent danger to the American way of life. Read on, prepare to be outraged. If knowledge of Agenda 21 doesn’t get you out of your chair and to a city or county commission meeting, this country might be beyond saving.

“Individual wants, needs and desires are to be conformed to the views and dictates of Government planners.”Harvey Ruvin, County Clerk in Miami-Dade County, FL and current President of USA – ICLEI. Inc. which makes him head promoter of the ICLEI protocols, the basis of Agenda 21 implementation in cities and towns across America.

Quick Start Guide to Agenda 21 Basics:

Kentucky’s Anti-Agenda 21 Bill

Kentucky Senators John Schickel and Robin Webb are up to speed on Agenda 21. To put a stop to it, they introduced SB 80 in 2013 then SB31 in 2014. While SB31 passed the Senate in 2014, it needs to pass both chambers. The Dems who control the KY House are not up on A21. Please call your legislators in both chambers and let them know you support these efforts!

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.” From the report from the 1976 UN’s Habitat I Conference. (More on

agenda 21 no tresspassing federal

The Introduction

Interest in Agenda 21 in Kentucky — actually, in the world — has reached the tipping point, it seems. It’s on everyone’s lips, including Glenn Beck’s, and not a moment too soon!

I have been hearing about it for years but never looked into it. A few weeks ago, I woke up. Agenda 21 in Kentucky touched my life in a hugely negative way. I am now crystal clear on just how dangerous the agenda behind “Sustainable Development” is to liberty and our natural rights.

If you don’t think it affects you, I promise you, it does. Every planning and zoning department in every village, town and city in America got a copy of A21’s recommendations in 2002. Those recommendations have been and continue to be put into place as we speak. Without legislation, without representation!

If you don’t think it will matter to you, it already does. You just don’t know it yet.

Agenda 21 policies are gutting the Constitution right now. If you watched the videos above, you are starting to realize this. Agenda 21 is stealing our natural rights, starting with the right to free speech (free speech zones anyone?) and including the right to bear arms (zoning away gun ranges to save the birds and the air, noise ordinances). It is destroying private property rights (can’t save rainwater that falls on your property in the northwestern U.S.), finishing off what little due process we have left. Through re-wilding and zoning, the ultimate goal is to herd us into the cities where we’ll live on top of one another in a most unpleasant and unsustainable fashion.

And it will do this without ever passing a law.

The experience that woke me up (to be described in a later post) confirmed that A21 is firmly entrenched in Kentucky. We are late to this party, people. We are the sheeple!

Why are TPTB going to all this trouble? The justification is Man-made climate change. If you still believe we have anything to fear from this unfounded and completely crazy idea that man-made CO2 is destroying the planet, you might as well stop reading, pack your bags and move into a condo.

But why do this? Who benefits? Government employees and corporations. Certainly not you and me! Those benefits include power and money. Power for the little bureaucrats implementing A21 policies at the ground level — your little town, borough, city, state — all the way up to power obtained by the federal government’s land grab.

As we lose property rights through A21 policies and zoning changes, those rights transfer to government. The more land a government controls, the more power it has over you and me.

This is why property rights are the basis for the Constitution: the Founders saw firsthand what happens when a government controls the land. Our fundamental freedom is the right to own property — including our bodies — free of government interference.

The scheme is actually pretty brilliant: small town zoning ordinances are the vehicle for undermining our property rights and transferring those to government. Who owns your land? Your name may be on the deed, but when you have to ask permission for everything you do on your land and pay a tax to fund the deciders to boot… who really owns your land?

Then there’s money: money for big corporations who profit from “climate change” legislation, like carbon credits, fluorescent light bulbs, low-flush toilets, an end to coal, planting of experimental crops on federal land — it’s being done now in government-owned parks!

Big industrial food corporations win BIG: if there are no small farms because CAFOs are deemed “sustainable” (they aren’t), where will our food come from? Big Ag.

Who benefits? We are told that we do, that we are saving the planet by cutting our carbon footprint. But a closer look reveals that the end result envisioned by the Agenda 21 master plan — Americans living in cities because farming and private home-ownership is seen as unsustainable by Agenda 21 — is a catastrophe from every perspective. Unless you are one of the ruling class. Then it’s a windfall.

If we don’t see it now, if we can’t envision this future “utopia” and how dangerous it is to our way of life, that the planet is in NO DANGER of ending due to man-made CO2 emissions, if we don’t put a stop to it right now, by the time we really wake up, it will literally be too late.

The following videos and books are how I got started learning about A21. Please: share what you have seen and read. I’m watching, reading everything I can right now.

1) This video with Rosa Koire is excellent. She wrote Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 and runs


2) “Confronting Agenda 21” is a short indispensable booklet written by Henry Lamb, the undisputed expert on Agenda 21. Sadly, Mr. Lamb passed away several months ago. Thankfully, his work and excellent site,, live on. The booklet is a primer on A21 and how to combat it locally.

3) The John Birch Society produced the following top-notch intro to A21. Just 20 minutes long, it leads you right down the sustainable garden path.

4) Another video by Rosa Koire. This was made prior to the Green Mask video above, so there is some repeated info, but also lots of new. The master plan is so intricate that, by hearing it over and over again, it’s starting to make sense to me.

#5 Read this today: 21 Truths About Agenda 21.

There is so much more out there.

That should get you started, if you haven’t yet. If you have, again, share in the comments what has had the biggest impact. DefendRuralAmerica and Rosa’s and Henry’s websites alone provide hours of education. We need to get up to speed and start pushing back. Right now.

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