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The Kentucky election results (state here, Lexington here) are not too, too disappointing, if we are going to be completely realistic. After all, liberty actually WON some seats! Here’s how Kentucky Free State Project’s slate of candidates fared:

Won Their Seats:

Kenny Imes, State House #5
Perry Clark, State Senate #37
Russell Webber, State House #49
Thomas Massie, U.S. House #4

Did Not Win This Time:

Bill Polyniak, LFUCG #9
Bryan Lutz, State House #78
Chris Hightower, State House #16
Craig Astor, U.S. House #2
Doug Jones, State House #56
Frank Haynes, State Senate #7
Harlen Compton, Hillview City Council
Ralph Ruschell, LFUCG At Large
Richard Marrs, State House #76
Sam Cox, LFUCG #4

Other Kentucky election winners:

Andy Barr, U.S. House #6

Who else won in your area who you believe will further the cause of liberty in Kentucky?