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school shooting cause ssriActually, that should read school shooting CAUSE ’cause there’s only one: SSRIs. Did you know that every mass murderer since 2000 (when documentation began in earnest) had been taking at least one SSRI? Including the woman who drowned her five children. Including Jeffrey Dahmer. Just two of the many SSRI killers who didn’t use a gun.

SSRIs popped up on our radar after Columbine, when demand for Americans to turn in our guns reached a frenzy. Seriously: blaming guns for murder is like blaming spoons for obesity. We started researching the tragedy and very quickly found Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy’s work uncovering this Big Pharma menace.

School Shooting Cause: The Evidence

Another excellent (re. evidence) and horrific (re. preventable tragedies described) resource is You’ll find details on thousands of incidents involving SSRIs: 66 school shootings/incidents, 68 road rage tragedies, 19 air rage incidents, 101 arson cases, 70 postpartum depression cases, 115 cases of bizarre behavior, over 1,000 murders (homicides) or murder attempts, over 300 murder-suicides, and other acts of violence, including workplace violence, and more being added all the time.

Bear in mind, these 4,800+ documented stories represent the tip of the iceberg since the corporate MSM ignores the SSRI/violent behavior connection.

A friend insisted that the Sandy Hook shooter “did this all on his own… maybe he was high but saying SSRIs — whatever they are — could be the school shooting cause, blaming drugs, is letting him off the hook.” I could have said something to that effect a few years ago, but not now. SSRI drugs mess with a very critical mood/mind-altering chemical in your body: seratonin.

Here’s the really scary thing: SSRI drugs cause some people to do things they would never, ever do otherwise. Even Michael Moore knows this (2 min):


Here’s more truth about random shootings, mass shootings, violence (11 min.):


The Drugging of Our Children is a powerful Gary Null documentary featuring Michael Moore as well as more credentialed doctors than you can shake a stick at! The first 10 minutes are explosive and educational: if you can’t watch the whole 1.5 hours, just watch that first 10 minutes:


And, finally, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Stefan Molyneux conducts this mind-blowing podcast interview with Dr. Robert Whitaker who wrote the book by the same title. You will never see psychiatry the same way after hearing this. Listen and share!

There are links to more documentaries at Fifty To Life.

Do Guns Cause School Shootings?

If guns caused murder, there’d be a hell of a lot more of it. There are approximately 300 million people in America. And approximately 300 million guns in almost 50% of the households… so… why aren’t at least half of us dead?

Every study ever done shows that guns save far more lives than are lost. Evidence of this inconvenient truth is abundant everywhere. Except on the corporately-owned MSM. Sigh.

I don’t like guns: they are loud and they just look violence to me. What can I say, I’m a pansy. However, I own them and I know how to shoot them. Because, when push comes to shove and the cops don’t show up because they don’t have to, I need to be able to shove back harder. I like living in one piece.

Here’s the Real School Shooting Cause:

Our culture is one of fast food and fast cures. Actually, fast isn’t fast enough. Instant would be preferable. Just as we are fast to fix everything else, we are quick to prescribe for little Johnny who has trouble sitting still. (If you watched the videos, you know I’m not exaggerating. Fidgeting is a syndrome that can must be fixed with medication!)

If we were seriously looking for WHY Johnny has trouble sitting still, we’d get right to what he had for breakfast. Or we’d remember that boys will be boys and perhaps he doesn’t need drugs, just longer recess. Or maybe Johnny just needs to hang out at home. In fact, why not keep all the kids at home and let them learn at their own pace? What a great idea. You’re welcome. :)

One of my fellow WAPF Chapter leaders opined that, “Our culture is in desperate need of fixing.” No kidding. I’m convinced that would happen within 30 days of people turning off their commercial TVs. I wish it would happen voluntarily but I’m convinced it won’t happen till the collapse.

Fortunately, that’s looking pretty imminent.

banning guns to fight crime