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photo by matt rourke, apClick here to read the scary article on gun show shootings. It’s funny peculiar that the article makes no mention of the fact that accidental shootings are not mass murders committed by the SSRI-hyper-sensitive. Sigh. Must have just been an editorial oversight.

Anyway. Here’s what the ever-insightful and pithy Liberty4Ever said:

“I was at the 2A rally in Frankfort today. David Adams spoke well, and raised the level of the discussion a few notches.

While at the capitol, I was asked if I was going to an upcoming gun show. I’ve been asked that a lot lately. I gave my standard response: “In this insane panic buying environment? No way! Way too many people!” The sheep are spooked, and I don’t like being around that many anxious panicky people.

Here’s a made up but probably fairly accurate statistic for you.

In the 20th century…

  • Innocent people killed at gun shows by negligent discharges: 86
  • Innocent people disarmed and then killed by their own governments: 172,934,227

The media loves to cherry pick their data for maximal emotional impact. I think more people have been killed by bad venison jerky at gun shows than bullets.

The media was probably terribly disappointed that there were no negligent discharge incidents by the mouth breathing bitter clinger militia today. Somebody dropped the ball on their cointelpro false flag actions, probably because these events were organized on such short notice. :-)

This 2A rally felt different than the one we had a couple of years ago. Rand spoke at the last one when running for office. Rex got a bunch of permits, rented a long line of porta potties (required), paid for state police overtime (required), etc.

This time, it seemed that an angry armed mob just showed up at the capitol. There was a small contingent of state police, for show. They seemed to know they were about as useful (and welcome) as a screen door on a submarine. They stayed out of the way.

It was another confirmation of that comment that Denny Peyman made: “Look in their eyes. They’ve had enough, and they aren’t going to take any more.”

You can count me in on that score, Sheriff Denny!