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Guest post by Ginny Saville, free market thinker, liberty activist and owner of Botany Bay.

Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul

This week’s vote on the so-called “fiscal cliff” is a perfect example of the difference in Kentucky Senators: the two are world’s apart.

Senator Paul stuck to his principles. He spoke on the Senate floor, and publicly in the media, against the compromise, which came down to increasing both spending and taxes.

Senator McConnell remained largely silent, working in the background on this “compromise.” No principles involved, only political manuevering.

We believe that the political posturing has got to stop. Republicans are supposed to be the party of limited government and balanced budgets. If these principles are not adhered to, there is no reason to support someone for the office. We do not believe in supporting someone as a political personality, but support for someone who shares our same views on the proper role of government.

The other U.S. Senator MitchMcConnell should be ashamed of himself. It is the likes of him, and many others on BOTH sides of the aisle, who have taken this country from the land of free people creating an economic powerhouse, to the land of people who get terrified by simple slogans in the news and fall for anything the powers that be want to pull on them.

We want to get back to the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility that made this country great. There are many good reasons to support liberty. Government has a proper role and it has overstepped its bounds for decades. It is time to put it back in its place.

Thank you Senator Paul for your work toward this end.