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daniel essek for US senate

The local Lexington newspaper ran an article about Mitch and his on again/off again relationship with the Kentucky Tea Party groups.

Our vigilant Keyboard Warrior For Liberty, ever mindful of political correctness, had this to say:

“The last time McConnell ran in 2008, Daniel Essek, a truck driver from Whitesburg, received 14% of the vote running against Mitch McConnell, IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.

Essek had no money and for all practical purposes didn’t campaign. His official campaign website was a free hosting site that had popup banner ads imploring visitors to the site to “Meet Russian ladies for marriage or romance”. The site content was mostly pictures of the candidate’s dog and his tomatoes growing on the deck behind his double wide trailer.

One in seven Republicans who care enough to vote in the primary essentially cast a vote for “anyone but McConnell”. And that was before most Republicans had figured out that McConnell had twisted the arms of Republicans in the House and Senate to get them to vote for the now very unpopular Wall Street Bankster Bailout.

The liberty and TEA party groups have done a good job of educating voters about McConnell since then.

Jesse Didn’t Build That.

The article seems to state that Jesse Benton was Rand Paul’s campaign manager during the primary, when Rand Paul easily defeated (by 23%) McConnell’s hand picked senate candidate, Trey Grayson. Nothing could be further from the truth. David Adams was Rand Paul’s primary campaign manager. The grassroots liberty and TEA party groups campaigned very hard for almost two years and get credit for that win. When Jesse Benton took over as campaign manager for the general election, that election was already over.

Now, the Two Parties That Are One are going to give Kentucky the choice of McConnell or Ashley Judd in our next US Senate race? Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?!?

The liberty and TEA party groups need to make sure that doesn’t happen by consolidating around one good candidate, someone who can win, and go all in, just like they did for Rand Paul. Kentucky posted big wins with Rand Paul in 2010 and Thomas Massie in 2012.

We need to go for a threepeat in 2014 and get another GOOD senator – someone who will serve Kentucky instead of paying lip service to the concept while representing big money donors behind the scenes where the dirty back room political deals are done.”

He makes some very good points, eh? So… who do we have in mind?