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Gadsden Flag: Don't Tread On Me. That means you, KY General Assembly!Please join fellow gun-rights advocates at the Kentucky 2nd Amendment rally today: 5pm at Triangle Park in downtown Lexington. There is street parking as well as two parking garages on Main Street.

You can RSVP here on Facebook. Or just show up with your sign! My sign is going to say, “Fire Brewer!”

KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer Won’t Be at the Kentucky 2nd Amendment Rally

That would be Rodney Brewer, our Kentucky State Police Commissioner and Vice President of Operation UNITE. KSP Commissioner Brewer hates your 2nd Amendment. This proves that he’s abandoned his oath to the Constitution and must be dismissed. Not that Beshear would even consider doing that… this is why he appointed Brewer in 2007. Birds of a feather. They don’t hesitate to pre-empt our natural rights, those “endowed by our Creator.” There’s some presumption, eh?

Brewer hates hemp, too. In fact, he will speak against it at Monday’s Hemp Hearing in Frankfort. Why does Brewer hate hemp? Because he says cops can’t tell it from marijuana. Hmmm. Cops in the 27 countries where hemp is legal can tell the two apart. I can. So either Rodney is too dumb to be commissioner or he’s lying in order to keep the profits rolling in from the drug war. Which is it?

Gun Control Legislation Introduced in 2013 Kentucky General Assembly

There is also anti-gun legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly introduced by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D) and Sen. Kathy Stein (D). I guess Marzian and Stein don’t read the news. All the shootings happen at gun-free colleges and universities. Even if you hate guns, you gotta see what an idiotic idea this is.

In Other Kentucky Headlines: Thomas Massie Keeps Telling It Like It Is!

Favorite Thomas Massie quotes from this video:

“It’s hard to get a good rap in the press when you’re not Santa Claus.”

“I don’t send a message to Tea Party groups. They send a message to me.”