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orange is the new black tinyStrike a blow for the PIC (Prison Industrial Complex). Netflix has come up with a new sitcom about how fun and illuminating a stay in the federal penitentiary can be. Despite being based on a true story, the premise sends a disturbing message and I told them so.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering which prison industrial complex corporation is sponsoring the show? I’m betting there is one.

My question of “why TV and not a documentary” is an easy answer: there’s way more money in TV. The problem is that the effects of a TV show go much deeper than a documentary. An idea or behavior is promoted week after week, year after year, cementing a particular pov in the minds of the viewers.

“Gee, what fun! How exciting. Let’s all go to jail.” Just what we need, eh? Shows me how out of touch Netflix and Jenji are with the real world.

Dear Netflix,

We have been satisfied customers for several years now. We don’t have TV service, just Netflix. We have been very happy with the service. We are open about what we and our kids watch online, we watch almost everything, are politically active, and firm believers in the free market.

One of your offerings has crossed a line for us. Your new original show, “Orange is the new Black,” a sitcom glorifying being in a federal penitentiary, is in astonishingly poor taste! You are promoting the idea that it’s ok — possibly even cool — to be “inside.” The kids and young adults will learn that, when their time comes, it just won’t be so bad, don’t sweat it. You’ll survive. It will even be fun at times. Prison is simply a growth opportunity.

If the prison industrial complex weren’t such a huge problem in this country, this might be cute and funny. But we are jailing our citizens for victimless crimes at a furious pace — the U.S. has more of its citizens in prison than any other country on the planet BY FAR. The number of laws making ordinary everyday actions into felonies is increasing at an alarming rate.

Please do your research and re-think this truly offensive premise. You are glorifying one of the sickest aspects of our current culture. You are saying, in effect, that it’s ok to jail people because look how fun and personally illuminating it can be, and what good can come of it.

The hint of girl-on-girl action in the advertising is particularly offensive. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but using such a provocative pose is TV marketing at its most disgusting. Is the premise not shocking enough, you need to make titillating promises about what we’ll see?

Netflix has joined the mainstream media in its race to the tasteless, pandering and boot-licking bottom. Congratulations.

Signed: A most unhappy customer

orange is the new black

Not to let a crisis go unmentioned, Netflix disappointed again by having no customer service email. Customers have to send actual snail mail. Sigh. Mailing this off tomorrow (Netflix, Inc., 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032). I hope you’ll join me.

By the way, I got the address from the live chat customer service. After reading my missive, my representative was as appalled as I was and promised to join in the protest. Heh. Strike a blow for liberty!

UPDATE: Before you go crazy on me, please see the comment below. Thank you.