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Baker's Green Acres: the Baker familyThe state of MI, at the behest of the MI Pork Producers (MPP), has been after the Baker’s Green Acres farm family for almost two years. The crime? Farming heritage hogs.

Most MI farmers gave in. They either shot all their heritage hogs themselves or allowed the state to walk on their farm and do so. They destroyed their livelihoods because a government agent demanded it.

Baker's Green Acres: cozy new heritage piglets!Not because the pigs ARE dangerous but because the state and the MPP says they could BECOME dangerous. Even though it’s never happened before and there is zero evidence it would ever happen in the future. Zero.

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If you’ve followed any farm food freedom sagas, you know this is not about feral pigs: it’s about pink cloned pigs being the only pork available at market. Cloned pork, which, surprise, won’t require labeling.

The Bakers did not shoot their pigs. They are standing up for their constitutional rights. Mark Baker is a veteran and believes he will get justice. He won’t if the state is successful at starving his family before they can get to trial.

The state has embargoed his pork: butchers won’t take it, restaurants will no longer buy it (through intimidation, not law). He can’t sell live pigs in the state. MI has fined him almost $1 Million dollars for not shooting his owns pigs.

Stand with Baker's Green Acres: save this farming family

The trial has been delayed for another winter and the Bakers need help to pay the bills, feed their family and the farm animals. They must keep the pigs alive (no pigs, no lawsuit) till the trial in March.

If the Bakers lose, of course, Pork Producer organizations in every state will jump on this bandwagon. We cannot let them win. You can stop it.

Please stand with the Bakers. It’s as painless as can be — simply donate $5, then share the link:

Thank you!