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Help David Adams end Obamacare Kentucky -- click here!David Adams is relentless. You want to be on his team and you surely don’t want to make him mad.

Sadly, Governor Beshear has ticked him off. Ok, Beshear has ticked off most Constitutionally-conservative Kentuckians with his unlawful pursuit of Obamacare Kentucky.

Beshear is a lame duck spendthrift, the very worst kind of leader. Heck, even the dems don’t like him much these days. To think we must endure two more years.

David’s most recent missive starts with “Let’s roll now.” Yes, let’s! The 2014 legislative session starts right after the new year. Perfect timing. David writes:

Dear friend,

On Christmas Eve 1776, George Washington woke his battle-weary troops and took them across the Delaware River for a surprise offensive against the King’s Army. It worked. The Colonials gained their first victory in the War for Independence and world history was forever altered.

We have a similar opportunity against a haughty political class right now, self-satisfied in their operation to destroy freedom in Kentucky and across America. Yesterday, they announced signing up 100,000 Kentuckians into ObamaCare and newspapers across the state have picked up the story. Click here and here to see versions which made it into Kentucky’s two biggest papers.

David continues:

Help David Adams end Obamacare Kentucky -- click here!

Merry Christmas,
David Adams
(859) 537-5372

Click here to donate to David’s efforts — ending Obamacare demands a wee bit of time and gas money. A round trip to Frankfort is about a 90 minute drive for David and $15 in gas. You can see that every little bit helps, even $5. Thank you!