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Take Back Kentucky: 2014 Pre-Filed BillsHelp take back Kentucky from the hands of special interests and career politicians. Choose a bill from the list of 2014 pre-filed bills below, read it and let us know what you think.

Where to Read the Bills

First scan the list below and see if there is a topic that interests you. If none, then just pick a topic! They all need attention.

Each bill gets a BR# when it is pre-filed. To find a bill on the Kentucky LRC website, go here and click on the BR#. The HB (House Bill) or SB (Senate Bill) number that you see on the list below is the actual bill number by which it will be referenced during the session.

How to Analyze a Bill

Read the summary at the link to get the big picture.

To read the bill, click on the BR# that is highlighted just before the sponsor’s name. The bill will automatically download to your computer in a Word document. You’ll need to figure out if this is a new statute being proposed or changes to an existing one.

If changes, you’ll need to read the KRS that are referenced in the summary. To find those KRS, you can either search the LRC website or search the web.

Consider these questions:

  1. Is this bill in line with the Kentucky Constitution and U.S. Constitution?
  2. Does it promote liberty or government expansion?
  3. How important is it?

So Many Bills, So Little Time

More bills are added all the time. There are usually 500+ liberty-stealing bills by the time the session starts. Click here for an updated list of all Kentucky 2014 pre-filed bills.

Kentucky 2014 Pre-Filed Bills (so far)

BR 1/HB 11 — drones
BR 7/HB 12 — senate confirmation
BR 9/HB 16 — alchohol counselors
BR 11/HB 8 — dating violence!
BR 23/HB 17 — ec dev tracking
BR 38/HB 58 — speed limit to 65
BR 40/HB 14 — DUI .08 to .05
BR 41/HB 66 — public benefit corporation
BR 42/HB 19 — liens/delinquent tax
BR 43/HB 42 — roll-call for approriations
BR 44/HB 43 — foreign law
BR 45/HB 44 — cabinet custody @ school
BR 46/HB 45 — special session no pay
BR 53/HB 13 — problem gambling
BR 54/HCR 11 — trapshooting hign school
BR 64/HB 15 — coal counties $$$
BR 78/HB 18 — organ donor credit
BR 79/HB 30 — animal forfeiture
BR 99/HB 22 — gas tax changes
BR 100/SB 12 — naxolone
BR 102/HB 26 — CCDW retired ext.
BR 108/HB 67 — casino amendment
BR 109/HB 68 — casino details
BR 116/HB 21 — school tax holiday
BR 117/HB 20 — teacher certification
BR 118/HB 23 — school tax holiday
BR 119/HB 24 — ID req. dextromethorphan
BR 121/HB 29 — CLG budgets
BR 123/HB 33 — calls in school zone
BR 126/HB 34 — DUI expansion
BR 127/HB 35 — Lt. Gov election
BR 129/SB 14 — public eminent dom.
BR 132/SB 11 — bullying awareness
BR 138/HB 46 — TVA funds
BR 140/HB 27 — firefighters cancer
BR 152/HB 36 — airport noise tax cdt.
BR 155/HB 38 — electrical certified
BR 158/HB 28 — leg. ethics overhaul
BR 163/SB 18 — donating game meat
BR 164/HB 32 — parole supervisor #s
BR 168/HB 31 — condemn rules
BR 173/HB 70 — restore right to vote
BR 174/SB 13 — school unfunded
BR 176/SR 11 — honorary
BR 177/HB 64 — expungements
BR 184/SR 12 — honorary
BR 189/SB 17 — state police-com.veh.enf
BR 194/HJR 6 — study post-traum-stress
BR 198/HB 37 — public eminent dom.
BR 211/SB 15 — restore right to vote
BR 217/HB 47 — APnurse disabled parking
BR 219/HB 40 — bullying awareness
BR 220/SR 13 — honorary
BR 221/SR 14 — honorary
BR 222/HB 41 — toll tax credit
BR 230/HB 39 — require cable co. to offer individual channels to subscribers
BR 232/HB 54 — increase felony theft-$1k
BR 233/HB 50 — persistent felon A,B life w/out poss. of parole
BR 234/HB 55 — parole review-victim, gov
BR 235/HB 49 — reduce drug war felonies
BR 236/HB 53 — A, B, C, felonies consec.
BR 242/HB 51 — booking photo
BR 243/HB 52 — nuclear power waste
BR 247/HB 56 — disciplining a child
BR 248/HB 71 — public defender caseload
BR 250/SB 16 — 7 members
BR 252/HB 48 — salary/retirement figures online
BR 254/SR 15 — honorary
BR 257/HB 60 — limit eminent domain
BR 275/HB 63 — electric keep gas backup
BR 292/HB 10 — hiring blind tax credit
BR 302/HB 59 — school meetings
BR 323/HB 57 — only licensed barbers on board
BR 334/HB 61 — DUI interlock system
BR 335/HB 62 — rape no visitation w/child
BR 355/HB 37 — angel investor tax credit

Not participating in the process is how we got where we are. Pick a bill, any bill and let us know what you think.