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matt bevin for senator of KYYou’ve probably seen a few of these “translations.” This one, during which the incumbent’s team finds out he is losing to upstart challenger Matt Bevin, is particularly satisfying.

This liberty video team did a very nice job with the writing. Not only is the dialogue right on the money as far as the facts go, a few comments are priceless. Like the one about moving to California. Heh.

Perhaps the incumbent should have listened to his constituents? Perhaps he might have read, then adhered to the Constitution, like he swore he would?

Instead, he has allowed enthusiastically encouraged the U.S. Congress to trample all over our natural rights, our liberties, our economic choices and the free market, all of which have driven this country so deeply into debt it is now owned by China.

Yes, the incumbent has been beloved by rural Kentuckians. Has been. As in yesterday. His earmarks and gifts were all given for the short term in order to win votes (like most politician’s loyalties, to be fair). However, in McConnell’s case, those short term promises are coming home to roost:

“[McConnell] may be ruling, but he’s ruling over a commonwealth with the lowest median income in the country, where too many counties have infant mortality rates comparable to those of the Third World. His solutions have been piecemeal and temporary, more cynical than merciful.”

Meanwhile, his personal net worth has skyrocketed. (Photo from the Washington Post.)

Who will win KY Senate race? Mitch McConnell's financial pictureThe only way the incumbent can win is if Kentuckians vote for him. And the only way a voter can justify pulling the Mitch switch is to ignore facts and history.

Fortunately, Kentuckians have a choice this May. You can get six more years of the same old b.s. and watch helplessly as Kentucky and the country slides ever deeper into tyranny and debt. Or you can vote for the only fiscally-conservative liberty-minded Kentucky candidate for U.S. Senate in the race. Who gets your vote?

banner for matt at lex tea party this thursday night