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Sheriff Peyman arrests city officials on corruption chargesYesterday, Wednesday, January 15, my good friend and liberty co-conspirator Annie Zachery wrote to me and 500 of her closest friends.

She wanted to make sure we all knew what our other good friend and steadfast Kentucky Sheriff Peyman has been up to.

And it’s all good, as usual.

You remember Sheriff Peyman? The first Sheriff in the United States to tell Obama he’s not going to confiscate anyone’s guns in accordance with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution? Yeah. That Sheriff.

Here’s what Annie wrote to us all:

Today, I have a new hero. Sheriff Denny Peyman from Jackson County.

About fifteen months ago, my old hero, Norm Davis called me in the middle of the night and said that there was a sheriff over in Eastern Kentucky that he had heard from through our grapevine that needed his help, Norm being the master magician at the work he did in undermining the establishment types when the need arose.

Well, of course at that time, I was just beginning to realize that my friend Norm was really sick. But on this particular night, as he told me what was happening in Jackson County to the Sheriff, he said, “Annie, I can’t do this, but we have to help this man if we can.”

Well, for me, then, if Norm had said, “Go out to San Francisco and jump off the bridge” to make sure we do whatever we have to do to help someone’s cause, I would have tried to accomplish it.

I met Denny Peyman in the next few weeks and did a little research with some others, enlisting help everywhere someone was willing to go up against the establishment. I talked to many people. One person even went all the way to Jackson County for a fiscal court meeting. In official “state” wardrobe, typically, suit and tie, he also managed to upset the officials over there with just a few questions.

No one really had a plan. But several were strategizing on what to do next. Armed with a few patriots here and there, and a lot of courage, Denny Peyman began his work, the real work of a servant of the people. He collected information, made a few 2nd amendment public stands, talked to more patriots at their different meetings, and began to build a credible base of state and national support for his fight.

I am not sure whether he had it all laid out like a book reads, but Sheriff Peyman followed the great instincts of a lawman, a constitutionalist, and a public servant who takes an oath to protect his electorate from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

And particularly the most nefarious enemies of the state, the ones who are in office to oppress the people and steal the treasury.

Well, yesterday, my friends and some citizens from Jackson County who helped to get this ball rolling, called me all excited about what had just happened at the monthly Jackson County fiscal court meeting! Sheriff Peyman had arrested the county judge executive, William Smith and his county treasurer for financial crimes in office.

And we know he’s got the goods on them.

My other friend, a retired constable from Jasmine County is sending me texts late last night when he sees it on the news, all excited too, saying, “Do the good guys really win sometimes, Annie?”

Sometimes, I look up and think, Norman, what are you and Gatewood really up to, up there???

Annie Zachery

Yep, we are all excited. Stay tuned. Sheriff Peyman (and that’s pronounced “PYE-man” not payman) doesn’t hold back when he’s defending the Constitution. We in Kentucky have come to count on it.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi