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Legislative Alerts: taking back Kentucky one bill at a timeThis is an emergency KY legislative action alert — please call asap, these bills are being discussed in committee meetings this morning: one at 9:00 am, one at 10:00 am.

Even if your call doesn’t make it to the committee on time, call anyway. It might be a first reading today, they will know for next time.

Links to the bills as well as summaries and links to committee members are below as well.

ONE Phone Call will take care of both alerts! Phone calls are the most important action we can take to affect Kentucky Government.

Today’s Phone Call:

  1. Call 800-372-7181 and say you’d like to leave a message.
  2. You will be asked your name and address.
  3. Say you’d like to leave two messages:
  • The first is for the entire House Committee on Economic Development. “Vote NO on HB 282.”
  • The 2nd is for the entire House Committee on Health & Welfare. “Vote NO on HB 173.”

Thank you! Keep it up. Only two months to go. :)

Make An Additional Impact:

Write a short email explaining your NO, then copy and paste to each committee member (links are below). If your House Representative is on the committee, make it special.

HB 282 AN ACT relating to economic development.

IF YOU GO: Meets 9am today in Annex Room 129 – House Committee on Economic Development


SUMMARY: Amend KRS 154.31-010 to define “community development” as residential, retail, office, restaurant, hospitality, or mixed-use development occurring in low income areas or areas designated for urban renewal or revitalization; allow community development projects to qualify as economic development projects under the Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act, making them eligible for sales tax incentives.

MEMBERS of House Committee on Economic Development:

NOTES for your email (even one sentence is good):

  • Corporate welfare using poor people to justify handouts.
  • Gov rewarding “approved companies” to “incentivize” economic development in poor neighborhoods with our tax dollars for up to 7 years.
  • ALWAYS a good question when gov is messing with the market: who benefits? Sounds like it will only be the “accepted companies.” Perhaps campaign contributors? It won’t be the neighbors.
  • Did anyone ask the neighbors if they want this “help” in their communities? Would like to hear Palumbo explain how this will help the neighborhood and how she knows this.
  • Putting commercial development (even offices and even excluding retail) next to residential WILL pull down residential property values, hurting the neighbors who this was presumably intended to help. Meanwhile, it will enhance commercial property values, providing another boon to the “accepted company”: buy low, sell high.

HB 173 AN ACT prohibiting smoking in public places and places of employment.

IF YOU GO: Meets Noon today in Annex Room 169 – House Committee on Health & Welfare


SUMMARY: Create new sections of KRS Chapter 438 to define terms; prohibit indoor smoking in businesses, places of employment, and other listed public places; exempt private residences, unless used for child care or adult day care; permit smoking in designated nonenclosed areas; require posting of “no smoking” signs at specified locations; permit local governments to adopt stricter regulations by ordinance; provide for enforcement by all peace officers and designated health department and local government employees; provide for the issuance of uniform citations for violations; require that employers and others not discriminate against persons reporting violations; provide for fines for violation; provide that fines go to the agency whose employee issued the citation; provide that no court costs or other fees be charged for violations; exempt certain research and manufacturing laboratories and agricultural buildings; amend KRS 344.040, relating to unlawful practices by an employer, to add reference to state law, local ordinance, or local board of health regulation relating to smoking; amend KRS 431.450, relating to uniform citations, to provide for issuing citation forms to health departments; authorize the Department of Kentucky State Police to create and issue uniform smoking violation citations; repeal various statutes permitting smoking in public buildings.

MEMBERS of House Committee on Health & Welfare:

Thank you. Without your actions, KY will slide into tyranny.