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This is on the Consent Calendar for today meaning it will be passed automatically unless you can get your Senator to have it removed! This is the 2nd alert, we were not able to stop it in committee. This is the last chance as the House will pass this. Please call now:

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Message For: Senate Leadership and YOUR Senator

Message: “If you are against Agenda 21, then OPPOSE SB 167. It is an Agenda 21 Bill. It is on the Consent Calendar for today — please make sure it is removed. You should have an email in your inbox with more information.”

We just sent an email to Senate Leadership, copy below. If your Senator is not in Leadership, please copy and email. If you don’t know who your Senator is, the operator will tell you based on your address. Contact Senators here.

The Email – please send to your Senator if s/he’s not in Leadership

Subject: Remove SB 167 from today’s Consent Calendar

Dear Senator _______________,

If you are against Agenda 21, then OPPOSE SB 167 (link below). It is an Agenda 21 Bill. It is on the Consent Calendar for today — please make sure it is removed to protect Kentuckians from being subject to laws and regulations created by the United Nations.

If you follow the Agenda 21 timeline (link below), there is a clear association between regionalism style of governance and Agenda 21.

These “organizations” are not directly elected by the people, yet have influence and authority in the implementation of policies in Kentucky. As stated in the language of SB 167, an RTPO will be administered by the Kentucky Area Development Districts that are involved in Kentucky statewide.

Transportation and Improvement Plans, which were created by Federal Legislation, has a direct relationship with plans to implement Agenda 21 in the United States. The creation of RTPOs is just another addition to the efforts to harmonize U.S. laws, regulations, and policies with Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is a large and complex subject that has obviously been going on for a while. RTPOs are just the newest development.

Earlier this session, the Senate voted overwhelmingly for SB 31 (only 5 Senators voted against) that starts the process of repealing Agenda 21 policies in Kentucky. There are bills at the state level and policies at the local level that on the surface look benign or even needed, but they are all tied together into a larger plan which is left completely out of the discussion.

SB 167 should be taken off the consent calendar and evaluated in this light so everyone can get a fuller understanding of what exactly is going on


If you want to send an email to Senate Leadership as well, here are the emails:
Senator Johnny Turner (must use online form)