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5 Alerts today: Call the hotline, then read down the list. For details, click here for the TBK email.

Legislative Hotline:
800-372-7181 | TTY 800-396-0305
Mon-Thu 7 am-11 pm | Fri 7 am-6 pm

#1 Message For: ALL House Leadership, YOUR Representative, and ALL members of the House Judiciary Committee:

Message: “Oppose SB 200. Keep the elected court handling our juveniles with discipline and not undermining the family structure.”

#2 Message For: ALL Senate leadership and YOUR Senator:

Message: “Oppose HB 341 and the indoctrination of pre-schoolers.”

#3 Three things to do: Call the hotline, call their office, email them.

First: Hotline Message For ALL Senate leadership, ALL members of the Senate Transportation Committee and YOUR Senator:

Message: “NO to HB 407, NO to P3s, NO to FEES, and YES to cutting spending.”

Second: call each Senator’s office (don’t let them re-direct you back to the hotline) and leave the same message (contact info below).

Third: email each Senator and include a link to the P3 Handout:

Email Message: “NO to HB 407, NO to P3s, NO to FEES, and YES to cutting spending. For more inforamtion on why a no to HB 407, go here:”

Senator Transportation Committee:

Phone numbers found here


#4 Message for: House and Senate Judiciary Committee Members, ALL Senate and House Leadership, and YOUR Legislators

Message: “Oppose HB 8 and SB 68 as they have very slippery and subjective slopes with many unintended consequences that will negatively impact and erode due process.”

#5 Message For: YOUR Senator, ALL Senate Leadership, and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Message: “Hear HB 31 and limit Eminent Domain in Kentucky and protect Private Property Rights.”

Thank you! Only 3 days left…