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This one slipped up on us. It was supposed to be voted on today but got passed over. It is on the calendar for tomorrow so please call your Senator and request s/he:

“Oppose HB 341 and the indoctrination of pre-schoolers.”

Legislative Hotline:
800-372-7181 | TTY 800-396-0305
Mon-Thu 7 am-11 pm | Fri 7 am-6 pm


HB 341 passed the House unanimously and is now in the Senate.

While it sounds warm and fluffy, this is an indoctrination program. The younger you get to kids, the more influence you have. “Books for Brains”? A seven-member board? What are parents around for?

Expect an alert from Take Back Kentucky tonight on this with more details. If you are not on TBK’s email alert list, you can sign up here.

The Bill

AN ACT relating to books for preschool children and making an appropriation therefor.

  • Create new sections of KRS Chapter 171 to establish the Books for Brains Program to promote the development of a comprehensive statewide program for encouraging preschool children to develop an appreciation of books;
  • attach the program to the Department for Libraries and Archives for administrative purposes;
  • establish a governing board of seven members appointed by the Governor for staggered four-year terms;
  • establish Books for Brains Program trust fund to consist of funds collected through state appropriations, gifts, grants, and any other funds from the public and private sectors;
  • direct the department to promulgate administrative regulations to establish the procedures for working with local partners to provide books for registered children; APPROPRIATION.

This is also in the consent orders for the day. It did not come up today (Monday) but it could come up tomorrow. You can call up to 11pm tonight. Please do and leave a message re. SB 167, too.