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alan brown jr 2A letter from Alan Brown, Jr.

Hello Folks!

This Friday, May 9th at 3PM there will be a sign wave for Matt Bevin for US Senate at the intersection of 31E and 245 in Bardstown, weather permitting.

This will be held in conjunction with dozens of other counties to start the final charge toward the primary on May 20! This will be at rush-hour for maximum visibility, and will have ripple-effects throughout the state, so even if you just have a little while, please consider joining us. We’ll meet in the parking lot behind Walgreens.

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Matt Bevin is Surging in Independent Polls

Despite McConnell spending a staggering $12 million on an entirely fraudulent slash and burn attack campaign, with an assist from the liberal media, Matt has only gotten stronger, gaining ground in every independent poll, closing the gap from 50, to the 40s, 30s… and surging in the latest poll to cut that lead almost in half – to 17%.

To give this information in perspective:

1) Even more ground has likely been gained the since poll, which was 3 weeks ago,

2) Rand Paul and Phil Moffett both over-performed most polls by 10% with enthusiastic turnout

3) The incumbent has spent over four times what Rand Paul spent in the primary, and is still losing ground, and

4) Matt remains competitive in the general election even after all this. Our biggest surge was in the last poll, and all the momentum on the ground is with Matt.

Bevin with Glenn Beck yesterday:

I’ve run out of signs three times now.

(And still have orders outstanding!) As it has always been, it remains a David vs. Goliath battle that requires near-flawless execution, but all the work we’ve put into it so far has succeeded – we are within striking distance to beat the establishment leader for the first time in history.

We in Kentucky have the opportunity like no other state to steer the leadership of the Republican party toward constitutional conservative principles.

Matt Bevin deserves a lot of credit for this success. He is fearless, articulate, knows the issues well, and hasn’t even flinched against the $12 million storm of attack ads, mailers and media hitpieces. He’s kept his focus on the important issues, releasing serious proposals, including his Plan to Help Job Creators and Improve Kentucky’s Economy, which focuses on free-market reforms and getting government the heck out of the way of our prosperity – ideas that fall right in line with Rand.

Matt has had many years of experience creating jobs in the private sector and DC sorely needs more with that perspective.

And looking at how pathetic the attacks on him are, it doesn’t seem they were able to dig up any real dirt to attack with – and believe me, they tried.

And despite Rand being unable to help him for political reasons, Matt has always showed the utmost grace and intention to help Rand out and be a solid ally when he is elected – so different from the establishment which undermines Rand behind the scenes.

Without a candidate of this caliber, the heroic efforts of the grassroots would’ve been for naught – but together, they’re a powerful combination. I truly feel that we have been blessed with another excellent candidate – and it wasn’t so we could stand by and let the status quo prevail!

  •  Time for New Leadership – McConnell explains why we should replace a senior senator who votes for debt increases
  • Endorsements – Most groups that helped elect Rand are also supporting Matt

Why It’s So Important to Win This One

Where has the real leadership in congress come from over the last several years? It’s been freshmen like Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Reps. Thomas Massie and Justin Amash who have put forth the strongest challenges to Obama and the big-government policies of both parties – and the only ones who’ve had the backbone to stand their ground and influence their fellows toward constitutional policies.

Rand Paul in particular, has captured the imagination of the nation, and is the frontrunner to be our next president according to many polls.

Rand worked to defund Obamacare, stop bailouts, spending and debt increases, audit the Federal Reserve, protect gun owners from the “Patriot” Act, end NSA spying on Americans, stop indefinite detention without trial powers (NDAA) from being given to the president, and to stop American F-16s and tanks from being sent to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

And while you would think these are all just common sense, Rand and the liberty coalition need us to send them many more votes to actually win these.

Unfortunately, Kentucky’s other senator either opposed or cancelled out Rand’s votes on every single issue listed!

Kentucky’s “Net Zero” Effect

I chose these specifically, because this effectively meant Kentucky had a net of 0 votes of senate representation on all these important issues!!!

I’ve watched each happen, and our calls, emails and petitions fell on deaf ears. If you want to check the records, most of them will show up by comparing their Freedom Index records.

Two of these cases merit closer examination. Despite constituent calls being 99-1 against the TARP bailout, Kentucky’s senior senator voted against us and with Obama/Reid and the special interests – then declared it “the senate at its finest.”

He also refused hundreds of petitions from Nelson County to support an Audit of the Federal Reserve (many of you may remember signing it.) He then proceeded to help Obama/Reid kill the bill that we, every House Republican, and Senator Bunning supported.

We have been left with no other recourse besides this election to improve our representation.

KY’s Senior Senator Vows to “Crush” Tea Party Candidates

Unfortunately, when it comes to elections, it was also the McConnell machine that tried to destroy Rand Paul in the 2010 primary – if we hadn’t defeated him then, Rand would not be our senator today. Because we triumphed and shifted the political winds, to cling to power, KY’s senior senator now has to pander and send out smiling pictures with the man he tried to destroy.

But lest you think he learned his lesson and changed his ways: he was dead serious when he said he would crush tea party candidates everywhere. This year, Rand endorsed and campaigned to elect an awesome constitutional conservative ally (Dr. Greg Brannon) to the US Senate in NC, while McConnell endorsed his opponent and raised special interest money to crush him – and sadly succeeded on May 6th, 2014.

So make no mistake – the incumbent can and does turn more Republican votes against Rand and conservatives than any Democrat ever could, and as long as he’s in office, will continue to use his influence to make sure another senator like Rand never, ever gets elected again.

I believe Matt Bevin will vote with Rand on all these issues.

This gives Kentucky 2 solid conservative votes — instead of a net of 0 — and supports Rand instead of undercutting him behind the scenes.

Many have risked political retaliation to put this goal within reach. Every single vote Matt Bevin gets makes a powerful statement that the establishment is not all-powerful, and that we will tirelessly continue to challenge them to protect our liberty, no matter the lies, intimidation, and special interest millions thrown at us.

And if we seize the day and pull the upset of the century, it will shatter the weapon wielded against our candidates and policies, give hope to millions across the nation, and inspire them to fight for liberty with renewed vigor. We came within 10% of winning for Phil Moffett when no one thought we could. This time, we have several advantages we didn’t back then. Let’s do whatever it takes to finish it!

How You Can Help

All these are reasons why I am personally appealing to you to spend any spare time over the next 12 days doing whatever you can to get out the vote for Matt.

We all have different skills and connections, but everyone can do something. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a letter to the editor – It doesn’t have to be long, just let people know they have a real choice and get Matt’s name out there
  •  Call everyone you know – See if they’ll put up signs, and make sure Republicans vote for Matt on May 20
  • Go door to door in your neighborhood – Statistically one of the most effective ways to win votes – contact me for details!
  • Make calls for Matt – From the comfort of your home or at the campaign offices in Louisville, Lexington, Florence or Somerset
  • Donate – For the last minute advertising blitz
  • Sign wave, find locations for signs, mail friendsand whatever else you can think of!

Watch for many more grassroots opportunities over the next 12 days!

As always, thank you for your efforts to restore America.

Alan Brown Jr.

P.S. We desperately need to elect a constitutional conservative who will back Rand up instead of cancelling out his votes. Matt Bevin is closing fast on the incumbent in the polls, but it will take every vote we can muster to pass him by election day, May 20.

There are many ways we can help – letters to the editor, talking to friends, going door to door, making GOTV calls, finding locations for signs, donating, mailing friends, sign waving, and whatever else we can think of! Please contact me if I can help with any of those!

Can I count on you to do whatever you can to turn out votes for him from now till May 20?