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A.B.M. Anyone But Mitch

I feel as if I just awoke in Bizarro World. Mitch McConnell is having a grassroots money bomb and needs our support.

Seriously? He needs our money? His wealth increased 786% since 2004 to somewhere around $22M in assets and he needs my $25?

Mitch says this wealth is mostly from stock trades, some of which we can safely assume are the result of insider trading since that’s legal for Congress. And why not? You make the rules and regulations that stifles one industry over another, then bet the farm on the one you know will profit. Sweet.

mcconnell's net worth

But the actual joke is that, after threatening to punch us in the nose, McConnell’s now bleating that we need to come together as a team and support him, our dear leader.

Seriously? I’d rather vote for Allison. I won’t because I couldn’t pull that lever either. Besides, I have options: like writing in Matt Bevin. Like voting for David Patterson who I know and really like.

The important thing is that we vote based on principle:

john adams principled vote meme

Voting on principle precludes voting based solely on party lines. It’s why my friends and I supported Matt Bevin: he is the best person for the job, period. Mitch is not. Just because Mitch is now the only R candidate does not make him more suitable, although, apparently he’s hoping we think so.

Ironically, 30 years ago, Mitch might have championed the idea of voting on principle. But that Mitch is gone forever.

Onward. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. As power-hungry and -ful as he is, even Mitch can’t ruin that for me.

P.S. If you are worried about a Democrat taking the seat, relax. Who’ll notice the difference?