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Join us for a #MattBevin Road Rally after the picnic!

driving for a cureJoin 50-100 cars with Bevin car decorations to drive around the outer loop of New Circle Road, from Newtown Pike to Parkette Drive In, to show grassroots support for Matt Bevin for US Senate.

Click HERE to see the 17.2 mile route.

Click HERE for directions to the starting point.

Saturday, May 10th, 3:30 PM – Line up at the starting point and decorate cars.  We’ll have various yard signs and window chalk to decorate cars.  Elaborate decorations should be done in advance.

4:00 PM – Start the rally! Obey all traffic laws. No texting and driving. Stay in a loose grouping, but yield to other cars needing to enter or exit New Circle Road.

4:30 PM – Those who would like to grab a bite to eat with other Bevin supporters can stop at the Parkette Drive In.

Upload pictures and video of the event to Facebook, Twitter, etc. #BevinRally Leverage this into an online event!

Matt Bevin Lexington

This should be a fun and easy way to promote a great US Senate candidate!  Please invite your family and friends.  The goal is to have as many cars as possible, so spouses may want to drive separately.

Please consider leaving some Bevin promotion on your car until the May 20th election. It’s FANTASTIC grassroots advertising!

The Key to Winning the 5/20 Primay: Invite your friends, family, neighbors who have never met Matt Bevin or are on the fence or even Pro-Mitch… invite THEM to the picnic. Let them hear Matt first hand. Don’t make Matt preach to the choir: let new people hear him, too! Then let’s share the wealth with strangers on New Circle Road: spread the good news!

Please invite others and spread the word to promote this big event!