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Dave Brat whips Eric Cantor in the primary. Yeah, Cantor lost.RINO Eric Cantor lost BIG to his TEA Party challenger, Dave Brat. Delicious. Plus, it’s the first time anyone in congressional leadership has EVER lost a primary.

Cantor’s loss is Kentucky’s  consolation prize for McConnell not being the first congressional leader to lose a primary.

So much for McConnell’s boast that TEA party candidates weren’t going to win any elections this year. Not only did Dave Brat beat Cantor in VA, Ben Sasse won in Nebraska (see his excellent Constitutional Crisis video here), and Chris McDaniel whipped Thad Cochran in MS.

McDaniel got more votes than Cochran, but didn’t get the 50% required to win. So those two have a run off in a couple of weeks. All bets are on McDaniel.

Unfortunately, much as in Kentucky’s primary, the RINOs won in South Carolina, with Lindsey Graham getting 59% of the GOP primary vote. Disgusting. Either the voters are ignorant, or misinformed, or the elections are rigged. Almost nobody likes McConnell or Graham. Their voters consistently say they can’t stand career politicians, yet these creeps keep getting re-elected.

Inch by inch is how we lost Congress. That’s how we’ll get it back. In other news, the ballsy Joni Ernst won in Iowa:

Yes, let’s.