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Guest post by Liberty Prevails.



It’s hardly recent news that Eastern Kentucky has struggled with Earnings Inequality & Economic Depression in the past as indicated by a report from The Cleveland FED(a), what is new news is the possibility that this is probably the deepest recession in the mountains since The Great Depression. Unlike the great depression however these economic woes are not the result of a ‘free’ market crash perpetrated by over leveraged bankers, todays mechanism of injury to many mountain towns is an out of control bureaucracy who’s modus operandi echoes of despotic socialist of times and nations past.

It is wholly unfortunate that the good kentuckians of appalachia must suffer economic suppression at the hands of the EPA who are “just dong their job” following lock step to orders handed down from a questionably nefarious administration which has proclaimed it will unilaterally act on climate change if others will not. Meanwhile former American industries such as Steel and Coal based power continue to grow in Brazil and China where emissions regulations are virtually non existent, whilst further accelerating the rate of deindustrialism in America. A major beneficiary of this deindusrrialism will be The Clinton Foundation who is heavily vested in ‘green’ alternative energy, alternatives which make complete sense in practicality and provide real sustainability if privatized, localized and incentivized but which do not currently command enough resourcefulness to warrant a complete overhaul of the American Energy Sector in this writers opinion. Coincidentally, carbon taxes are back on the table in DC which are no doubt influenced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s renewed campaign to act on climate change pending the upcoming UN Climate Summit (b), a conference which will no doubt be filled with much benevolent conversation regarding geoengineering.

Regardless of whatever peoples personal views on ‘the war on coal’ are the fact remains that families are going hungry all over Appalachia right now. Donations to The Shumate Foundation’s EasternKentucky Appalachian Relief Fund (c) have the potential to make a substantial impact in the region by filling local food banks in Eastern Kentucky Communities with long term storable food items.

Give what you can when you can for the betterment of man,