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Kentucky liberty lookout: your eyes needed!Can you be a Kentucky liberty lookout, keeping an eye on your local government? We need agendas and feedback on the doings of KY’s 120 county governments and zillions of city councils. You can remain anonymous, whatever works for you. Here’s what we need:

✓  A report on the meeting, what happened. If you attend local meetings, perfect! You don’t have to write out a report unless you want to, your emailed notes are fine. Or email a photo of your handwritten notes, we’ll post it. Or scan and email your notes, we can post the PDF. If you record the meeting (video or audio), we’ll post that. Your report can be posted in any format! The important thing is to let Kentuckians know what happened.

✓  The agenda. If you don’t attend meetings, just let us know where your city/county’s agenda is online, we’ll post that. If it’s not online, an emailed copy of the agenda works. You can often put yourself on an email or text notification list so you’ll know when the agenda is complete. Even if there’s not a watcher at the meeting, at the very least, we’ll know what your elected officials are planning* to consider. We’ll take the agenda in any format, too.

*Re. the “planning to consider” part. If we have the agenda, we’ll know ahead of time what our trusted leaders want the public to know they’ll be discussing. The dangerous part of any meeting is the “new business” part… that’s when surprises can be sprung and why attendance at meetings is the safest route to ensuring freedom.

Critically Important

✓  Dates, locations, agendas for any and all committee, agency, department or special meetings. Damage can be done at any government meeting, no matter how inconsequential it may sound. Meetings that are particularly important with regard to Agenda 21 (the plan to abolish private property rights in America) are:

  • Planning & Zoning
  • “Area Development District” meetings. ADDs are the invisible hand of the federal government on our local government. Local ADDs take a cut of federal funds that flow from the state through to your local county and city governments. In the words of a leader in the liberty movement, “Bad things happen there. Government grows there.”

Kentucky on Dangerous Path

The Commonwealth is currently ranking low in education (#35), freedom (#27), employment (#40), economy (#39). She’s losing business to neighboring states, poverty is on the rise, businesses are closing and/or leaving the state.

The easiest place for tyranny to take hold is at the local level. That’s also where it’s easiest for us to stop it at the root. All we have to do is watch and report.

After all, they are watching us.