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Adams v Beshear on Kentucky Obamacare

Adams v Beshear on Kentucky Obamacare

Humana of Kentucky turned heads with their eighty percent premium increase in the first year of ObamaCare and have requested a 16.3 percent increase for plans to be sold beginning this November.

“This is insult on top of injury in Kentucky’s ObamaCare fiasco, which Gov. Beshear still insists on ramming down our throats without following the law to get legislative approval or necessary spending authority,” said David Adams, plaintiff in two state lawsuits challenging Beshear’s implementation of expensive, optional features of the so-called Affordable Care Act. “Waiting on the Kentucky Supreme Court is getting old, so I’m challenging Beshear to a duel.”

The two Kentucky Supreme cases are numbered 13-SC-000652 and 13-SC-000667. Please forward this message as widely as you can in support of the effort and click here to contribute to the purchase of one pine box.