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Guest post by Kenny Kelly.

Why Eric Cantor Lost and Why the GOP is in Big TroubleReason gives three good reasons why Eric Cantor lost his primary, a historic feat. This post is also directed to the Texas Republicans and anti-Rand Paul crowd. Unless and until you change your big-government views on marriage, drugs, and immigration, the GOP will go the way of the Whigs.


Who really cares if two guys or two girls marry each other?! Really?! If marriage is supposed to be a private, sacred institution, it’s none of your businesses what consenting adults decide to do with their marriage. If it honestly affects your own marriage, then it shows the weakness of your marriage, not the institution of marriage. The only honest-to-god limited-government position is to repeal marriage license laws. How can you reconcile your limited-government rhetoric when you believe that marriage should be sanctioned by government?


Are you deliberately choosing to repeat the violence and black market of prohibition in history? If so, then by all means support the drug war. But don’t complain when drug-related violence, drug-related crime, and drug-related government corruption happens. You can’t be for limited government while supporting a drug war that is both illegal and grows government. Also, science and medicine comes into play – get with the program, people, marijuana is actually a super plant.


I have yet to understand how those claiming to be a member of either the tea party or liberty movement can be so blatantly big government and economically — and legally — illiterate.

First of all, the U.S. Constitution does not delegate authority to the federal government in immigration policy, with the exception of setting the rules for naturalization. The Ninth and Tenth amendments kick in if you are honestly a constitutionalist.

Second, nothing wrong with immigrants, but there is a world of wrong with the welfare state, gun control, the drug war, affirmative action, and employment and wage controls. It doesn’t make sense a group of people who claim to oppose big government doesn’t go after government on this issue.

Third, Hispanics tend to be conservative, to boot. Only a minority of “illegals” are violent – while a majoirty of welfare recipients are “legal” whites and blacks. Without immigration there’d be no United States.

Blaming “immigrants” for being a drag on our economy is akin to saying government isn’t the problem. No protectionist advocates have yet argued why “illegal” immigration is bad – all their arguments point to government, not immigrants, as being the problem.

Literally, you’re wanting big government by not accepting the fact that government is the problem, not immigrants. Just because you’re a “legal” white doesn’t mean I’m going to pull up a chaise lounge and be happy feeding your children. I don’t want anyone using force against me.

Fun fact: most “illegal” immigrants are hard-workers who aren’t on welfare.

Young Voters

These are also three issues why most young voters identified Democrat for decades. Until the Ron Paul Revolution in 2007. And because of the GOP hostility towards Dr. Paul in 2008 and 2012, the GOP is losing that voter base.

Fun fact: you will NOT defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 without changing these three core issues amongst young and common-sense voters. Just saying.