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In reference to yesterday’s Action Alert:

Both bills were approved in yesterday’s first Senate H&W reading. Bear in mind, they both passed the House overwhelmingly — not a single House member voted against either bill! Why? They are “for the children,” the three most dangerous words to be uttered to a legislator!

Two more readings in Committee and these bills go to the floor for a vote. They must be stopped in the Senate. Two calls/emails required to stop these bills:

1. Call and/or email your Senator asap

If your Senator is on the H&W (list below), call him/her (phone numbers at the links), tell them your concerns, ask them where they stand on these bills. If they are pro, ask why they take the position. Follow up with an email.

Senate H&W Committee:

If your Senator is not on the H&W, call and/or email, ask where they stand on this bill and relate your concerns. If this bill passes Committee, it goes to the full Senate for a vote. Find your Senator here.

2. How did your House rep vote?

Check it out here: HB270 and HB188. Scroll to the bottom and click “Vote History.” If your House rep. voted yes on this bill or didn’t vote, call or email them, ask why and relay your concerns.

Do you vote?

Bear in mind that your voting record (whether or not you voted and your party affiliation) is available to legislators. They can tell if they need to pay attention to you or not. If you are going to be politically active and have a voice in your government, there’s a good enough reason to vote right there. If legislators don’t fear us, they have NOTHING to fear.