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There is no question that parental rights are under attack. CPS and State abuses are rampant everywhere you look. Kids are being removed from safe and loving homes for crimes like seeking a second medical opinion, refusing to follow doctor’s orders, home-schooling, home-birthing, and taking a harmless mineral supplement. A quick visit to is pretty eye-opening.

Something has gotta give, no question about it. But a careful read of the so-called “Parental Rights” Amendment (to the U.S. Constitution) and you know this ain’t it.

About the flawed Parental Rights Amendment

Click here for the current version of this post. There are excellent points made in this post, if I do say so myself :) So worth the short read. But for my arguments against the PRA, it’s all updated at the link!

What the Founders Said

The most abiding argument the Founders had was about whether or not to include an amendment for every natural right. In the end, they decided just the top 10.

Why? Because the State (and people) can interpret anything any way they choose. Just look at the endless discussions on the 2nd Amendment… So the Founders decided to keep it simple.

The founding documents were written to declare our unalienable individual rights against government over-reach.

Unalienable:  that which cannot be given away or taken away.

What is the Solution?

If you want to protect parental rights:

  • SPEAK UP when you see something bad happen to a friend or neighbor. Not in the heat of the moment, of course. It’s scary and with good reason. I know a couple who were threatened with having their kids taken in retaliation for speaking out. They moved from our state. This was in the 80s and I think this overt abuse rarely happens today. Particularly when a group speaks out.
  • Record everything. The only way to stop an out-of-control agency from operating in the dark is to be the sunshine.
  • Offer to help any parent whose children have been taken. They will need support and you can help them sort thru their options.
  • Go with the parent(s) to any formal appearances you are able. A group of us went to a CPS hearing with a friend who had been fraudulently accused. We refused to identify ourselves, two people openly videotaped the meeting. CPS backed right down and dismissed the allegations. In fact, the CPS employee who started the investigation was quietly let go.
  • Elect local and state legislators, including Governor, who will stand firm against abuse of citizens by any agency, whether local, state or federal. These would be legislators who are well versed in your state’s Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution in its entirety and the 10th Amendment in particular. The only other requirement of a good legislator is a SPINE.

Parents don’t need a parental rights amendment. We need the State to FOLLOW the Constitution. That would be an excellent start.

Gratuitous pitch for Matt Bevin for #KyGov

Matt Bevin: yes, Ky CPS needs to be investigated.

We are lucky in KY to have not only Rand Paul and Thomas Massie, both vocal and tireless defenders of liberty, but now Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton, the Republican nominees for Governor and Lt. Governor.

As the father of nine kids, all currently being homeschooled, Matt personally understands that CPS is yet another agency out-of-control and has stated publicly that it needs investigation.