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During the “Kelli Ann Burriesci Immigration” show, her only lines were, “I don’t know,” and, “I don’t have those numbers.” She had these lines down pat, knew them backwards and forwards.

Sadly, these were her answers when Congress asked some very basic questions pertaining to terrorism and US immigration policy.  “The dog ate my homework” would have been a more credible answer.

Congress had requested Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson appear. He sent this “expert” instead (2 minute video):

the Kelli Ann Burriesci Immigration showThe last time I saw such deliberate naked contempt of Congress was when Lois Lerner and IRS commissioner John Koskinen “testified” before congressional committees investigating IRS targeting of TEA Party groups. You remember: when the multiple copies of the email records had all disappeared (and later found by an 8 year old)? That time.

Kelli Ann on the No Fly list

If the previous video wasn’t painful enough, here’s Rep. Trey Gowdy trying to get Ms. Burriesci to explain how a US citizen is placed on the government’s No Fly list. Now that the President and many members of Congress have called for that secretive No Due Process list to be used to deprive a citizen of the unalienable right to keep and bear arms, Mr. Gowdy asks what other constitutionally protected right can be taken away by such government fiat, after which said citizen is required to petition government for the restoration of her rights?

Shock and awe, Ms. Burriesci had no useful response (2 minute video):

They make their little C-SPAN shame videos and we’re all very angry, but Ms. Burriesci has suffered no consequence. She needs to be JAILED for contempt of Congress! Then Jeh Johnson needs to be subpoenaed to appear in front of Congress, told what information to bring, and, if he refuses to provide this basic information, HE SHOULD BE JAILED as well.

Our feckless Congress has abdicated all of their constitutionally delegated authority.  They’re nothing but posers and panderers.