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JUNE 18, 2016


On May 9, 2016, the United Kentucky Tea Party and Take Back Kentucky sent a private letter to Republican House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover, requesting that he step down as House Republican Minority leader. Representative Hoover’s failed leadership in the House, his disappointing voting record and questions of impropriety surrounding the Republican House Caucus funds donated by citizens to “Flip the House”.

To date, Representative Hoover has not responded to our request. The Conservative base in Kentucky no longer trusts Representative Hoover to lead the House Republican Caucus and we once again, call for Representative Hoover to step down from his house leadership roll.

UKTP and TBK would prefer to see a genuine Conservative leader like Stan Lee or Phil Moffett in the Minority Leader’s position.

May 9, 2016

To: Kentucky House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover
702 Capitol Ave
Annex Room 472
Frankfort KY 40601

Dear Representative Hoover,

During the past two State House election cycles and the special elections held in March of this year, the Republican House Caucus has struggled to unite the caucus, the GOP and the Conservative base to change the house majority. We believe that this is due to a lack of trust in House leadership on the part of conservatives across the state and a lack of leadership from the caucus itself to unite the caucus, the party and the base in these efforts.

The United Kentucky Tea Party (the state TEA Party leadership group) and the membership of Take Back Kentucky, believe that the lack of trust and failure of leadership begins at the top of the caucus. During the past two cycles, you have toured the state on your “Flip the House” tour, with the expressed purpose to raise money for Republican challengers attempting to unseat incumbent Democrats. Unfortunately, none of the Conservative challengers we have spoken with received any of these funds in either cycle.

In order to restore transparency and trust to this process, we are calling for the Kentucky Republican House Caucus to publish where it’s Flip the House contributions were spent during the past two cycles.

Your abysmal 2016 Conservative voting record as detailed in the UKTP House score card, leads the Conservative base in Kentucky to believe that you do not have our best interests at heart. The fact that you are the Republican House Minority leader with a Conservative voting record that rivals Greg Stumbo’s, clearly illustrates, that the House is in need of new, Conservative leadership.

We are hereby requesting that you step down as Minority Leader, to be replaced by a Conservative leader who will restore trust to House leadership and lead the charge to unite Conservatives across the state in the critical task of changing the House majority this fall.

Until trust and integrity are restored to the Kentucky State House and to the “Flip the House” efforts by putting new leadership in place, we believe that the Republican House Caucus will have an uphill battle to unify Conservatives across the state in this year’s efforts to change the House majority.

We look forward to your response.


Scott Hofstra
United Kentucky Tea party
(270) 319-8480

Michael Brown
TBK Media Relations Liaison


The United Kentucky Tea Party is a round table of TEA Party leaders from across the State of Kentucky.

Take Back Kentucky is an organization of grassroots conservatives from across the State of Kentucky.