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Editor’s Note: Please join us this Friday morning (tomorrow July 8) at 10:00am in the Capitol Annex Bldg, Room 129 for a Licenses and Occupation Joint Committee Hearing on the legalization of Medical Cannabis in KY. We need to fill the committee room #129 and adjacent overflow room with supporters and patients. I know it is a lot to ask but please pass this along and plan to attend this hearing with your friends. See you there!

Hello, I am Mr. Mark Steven Gamble, a 53-year-old disabled veteran who also, after years of working, became disabled from back and neck surgeries. COPD is another illness that I got from working around legal chemicals at work sites over the years.

As a father, grandfather, husband, disabled veteran and pastor, I have seen up front what Cannabis can do for the betterment of health care.

Though I am on many different medicines, it is the few tokes of Cannabis that balances all the other medicines at night for a complete rest. So it’s not just Cannabis and cut out the pharmacies, no, I believe it takes a little of both for complete easement of ills and aches.

If one does need just Cannabis and not other pharmaceutical meds, then that should be a choice as well.

For 14 years now there isn’t a day that goes by that, if it were not for a little Cannabis each day, I wouldn’t get through them. Pain used to control me like it does many others out there. It’s a mad 😠  illness in itself. Jabez we call it. For out of our pains we cry for mercy and humanity.

Many have debunked the lies that made Cannabis illegal. This is why we persevere because truth is with us and we want it even more so with our elected representatives and senators. For in truth, we see no lies.

I will be upfront and say that if Cannabis becomes legal medicinally then there will be the abusers out there still. And it will be easier to help these folks once the legal aspect is in place. It has taken two days just to get this letter completed, that’s how I live daily.

Others far worse than I will definitely benefit from a legal-grade and pest-free Cannabis from businesses created from this movement. There is a demand so there must be a supply. This has always been the golden rule of thumb.

Even the Kentucky Constitution states, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” shall be our guide as to live a more fruitful life.

Last, getting medical Cannabis legal will keep the teens from getting access to it (except for medical use recommended by a doctor.)

My chronic pain along with COPD, carpel tunnel — which all are legally documented — would not allow me to function at a 40-hour work week. But using my legal medicines along with a little Cannabis has been able to allow the pain to lower enough to voice my opinions on this urgent matter.

We may not all agree on what is best and what is not best when it comes to medicines, but those living the life of chronic pain know what works best for their daily living. Times are changing and so must our outdated policies.

We only have our votes left and we fully intend to apply it to the best people working toward all and not just a few in a party. Recidivism only hurts the families by costing more money for courts, treatments, rehabs.

If a doctor says a client could benefit from this Cannabis plant, then it’s only righteousness and truth that should be seen and not just another druggie. Labeling to make more money is not truth and so it must be changed as well.

Let us love our fellow Kentuckians with open heart and soul. Thoughts and prayer daily for our local, state and federal governments for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gamble
Cadiz, KY