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Response to the Louisville Metro Council’s Assault on Police Chief Conrad

Here’s the article outlining the assault. Er, meeting. The short video at the top of the article is informative.

Louisville Police Chief ConradTHE PROBLEM: Violence in Louisville neighborhoods.

Dear Louisville citizens, LOOK OUT. Your Metro Council just instructed your police chief to give his cops free rein.

Let’s start with Chief Conrad’s fantastic and noteworthy response: “I do support [my officers]. I do have their back. That said, I have a long list of expectations. They will treat people right. They will treat people with respect. They will treat people in a constitutional manner.”

Too bad, Chief, your cops don’t like that approach. Your “force” wants to be able to “do their jobs” which requires “removing the constraints.” I’m wondering what exactly the job is that requires NOT treating people in a constitutional manner?

Apparently cops have whined about having to wear body cameras, too. It adds to their stress level. Awww.

But… it sounds like the council is suggesting cops not wear them? Omg. I’d like to point out that Metro council members — who were quick to point out that cop admins aren’t on the beat anymore so aren’t in touch with current job pressures — well, those council members aren’t treated like everyday citizens by the cops, either. Metro council members have no clue what WE everyday citizens fear from cops.

No, no, no to removing any constraints on cops, to allowing cops to operate outside any rules or constitutional restraints.

Wow. That any of this needs to be said is unbelievable.

Chief Conrad said officers are “responsible for their own morale” and have an obligation to do their job, a response which [Councilwoman Jessica] Green called “a little dismissive to the personal feelings of these officers.”

Wow. Chief Conrad wants officers to act like adults… but the Council wants us to take their personal feelings into account when deciding policy???? Yeah, I’m feeling a little OUTRAGE. We adults in the productive economy (read “taxpayers”) boost our own morales and take care of our own feelings.

This entire meeting was a whine-fest for cops on the beat who want to take the restraints off. And the council seems to agree. What the heck do any of the council members know about policing?

Here’s how this whole thing probably went down — and, please, correct me if I’m wrong: cops whined to the council (probably the union whined, the union which makes big campaign contributions). So the council calls the chief in, telling him how to do his job which NONE of the council members know zip about. Except what the whiners told them.

So the council’s suggestions to the chief are to “remove the constraints” and “release the Seal Team” because “this is war”?

A war against whom? A war against suspects? NEWSFLASH: even suspects get due process and are innocent until proven guilty.

This was not only an irresponsible move by the Metro council, it’s a dangerous one. Cops have a legal monopoly on force and they are clearly not afraid to use it. I’ve personally seen it in action several times and I’m a law-abiding white middle-class grandma!!! Giving cops anything like “free rein” has historically proven to be more dangerous to innocents than to criminals.

Oh, one more thing. The cause of all these shootings? THE DRUG WAR. It’s not rocket science, people. Prohibition has always led to far more more murder and corruption than anything else. FAR MORE than ANYTHING else. EVER.

Politicians would rather do and say ANYTHING than admit the truth because it’s not politically correct. They’ll even let loose the cops on us rather than take a sensible approach like decriminalization — which has been proven over and over again to reduce violence — because a politician might lose a vote by suggesting that adults be allowed to use whatever the heck they want in the privacy of their own homes.

THE SOLUTION: Decriminalize drugs.

There’s your answer, Metro Council. Staring you in the face but you ignore it. Instead you encourage more of the same which has never worked to solve the violence question and never will.

Glad I don’t live in Louisville. Unfortunately, if that Metro council gets away with this, it will spread to other cities and towns like a disease. Welcome to Kentucky.











Sally Oh

Sally Oh

Sally Oh is a native Kentuckian, wife, mother, blogger, homesteader, chickenista, recovering REALTOR® and Functional Medicine Practitioner. A liberty activist and registered voter, that’s her falling down a rabbit hole.
Sally Oh

4 comments to Response to the Louisville Metro Council’s Assault on Police Chief Conrad

  • Bruce

    Police chief is a political position. Based on reading the linked article, it sounds as if Louisville’s police chief is facing political pressure from below and above on the organizational chart. He has a mutiny of police and the council is clearly not happy with violent crime in Louisville. The police chief is probably a scapegoat for the violent crime, which is a long term effect of a slew of social programs and policy initiatives. The war on drugs causes crime. Social welfare programs that provide strong financial incentives for single parent households, usually absent fathers, causes crime. No job opportunities causes crime. Government dependence causes crime. Ultimately, these are all government problems. We don’t need more government solutions. What we need is less government.

    A Specific Warning – Louisville seems to be inviting federal funds and federal management of their local police in the form of VIPER patrols. This is a DHS/TSA initiative that federalizes local law enforcement, and that’s a horrible idea. Louisville should look at the tyranny of VIPER patrol road pirates in Tennessee before inviting them to Louisville. VIPER teams operate outside our US Constitution. They demonstrate great disdain for civil rights.

    When you hear about VIPER teams (or VIPR), think Stasi. Think Gestapo.

  • Alvin Dale Ambers

    Our nation is replete with civil and social unrest, violence, etc., Louisville and Kentucky in general being no exceptions. The issue of unwarranted, illegal, un-Constitutional actions by police upon the citizens is no more or less serious than that of citizens assaulting and/or murdering police or other citizens. As Dr. Phil says, no matter how flat you make it, there’s two sides to every pancake. I don’t think it’s sincere to think to deal with one side and not the other, and any paradigm that seems to is exacerbating the problem. A prime example is that a narrative can derive in which the legitimate shooting of a violent criminal (Michael Brown, et al) is construed as “senseless murder” of an “innocent citizen” by the police.
    I for one will hear NO argument about police misconduct without an acknowledgement of the equally criminal violence perpetrated by members of the public. There can be no double-standard in the execution and enforcement of the law. And some citizens are as surely being excused for various reasons as police may be because they have a badge.
    Our civil/social problems are exemplified in the election of Donald Trump. BOTH major political parties are experiencing a radical shake-up because enough people woke up to realize that we need someone truly different. Liberals and Democrats in general may reap the brunt of changes to come, but it’s clear that there are lots of Republicans not too happy either. For decades I’ve heard countless people complain that we need someone who isn’t a politician, but when we have that kind of person they’re peeing their pants. That’s another good illustration of just how bad the divide has become. In my opinion, America has grown farther and farther away from the principles, ethics and morals it was founded on, and anyone who understands the origins of Liberalism would know that it’s that ideology so anathema to our Constitutional Republic form of government which is the fundamental cancer that needs to be excised.
    People would be well-advised to hold onto their seats. If the ride seems to be getting rough, that’s merely the rumble-strip on the EDGE of the road.

    • Thank you for your comments. This election was about ending the status quo, I’m with you there.

      Murder is already illegal, no matter who is shooting whom. It’s all reprehensible.

      Cops need to follow the law and stop expecting special treatment. You and I are FAR FAR more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist or an illegal immigrant.

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